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  1. Mads Wolff

    Dynamic Terrain

    You are right - I fell a bit stupid. I started out using the native GroundMesh, but had much better performance using your extension. Maybe I should play around a little more with GroundMesh and add some LOD settings.
  2. Mads Wolff

    Dynamic Terrain

    Thanks Jerome. Using that approach I can prevent the user from looking at or exceeding the edges of the world, which might be a solution for me. But I am trying to make some kind of 3rd person strategy game where it is possible to zoom all the way out and see the whole world surrounded by nothing but transparency. Like this: Or even better with a base like this: I need the world to get cropped at the edges while retaining the ability to zoom and pan freely. I can't see this is possible with your approach or am I missing something?
  3. Mads Wolff

    Dynamic Terrain

    Hi Jerome. I love this extension! Thanks a lot. I am using it for a hobby project where I need a finite square world. In the screenshot below i have populated my square world with pine trees, but the map continues infinitely in all directions: In the documentation you state that "by default, the terrain sees the map as infinite". Is there a way to prevent this? I would like to show the map only once with no repeating at the edges. Is that possible?