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    Two (2) new repos for game devs

    @index: Added p5.js!
  2. - Basics, libraries, assets, etc. - Everything cloud-related, simplified for game devs. - Diagram drafts: Yup there's a lot of housekeeping & finishing to be done, hell at least the table of contents for the 2nd one already got drafted. I'm dedicating my whole next week to finish 'em. Cheers and thanks!
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    Which hoster for WebSocket server?

    Glad you've found DigitalOcean! Anyways if you got a spare credit card w/ few dollars (required, but not charged) feel free to try out Azure, AWS & Google Cloud, too - $25 / mo on Microsoft Azure, 1 year. enough for small vps. - free vps w/ other stuff, 1 year. - free vps w/ other stuff, 1 year. - sign up using any credit card (visa/mastercard/whatever; prepaid cards not accepted) - just run an ubuntu linux virtual machine instance - use putty to ssh connect / winscp for ftp over ssh (aka sftp) to your machine, upload your server-side code there - install nodejs & npm on it - attach a public ip address to your virtual machine (usually done already for you, read their docs) - open ports so your services are reachable online (ie, open inbound & outbound port 80 or 3000 on your virtual network settings) - yes you can use uws or or even faye / faye-websocket
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    Two (2) new repos for game devs

    @index: q.js, q-io.js, bluebird.js, asap.js, async.js, i18next, ejson, msgpack, underscore, lodash, highland, uuid-random, random.js, chance.js, faker.js, google maps, leaflet, openlayers, vexjs, express, koa, hapi, gulp, grunt
  5. I ain't @Arcanorum but I think you're in the right direction! Yes it would be node.js &, and yes a home server would already do the trick. Some points to consider: - Static IP for the server-side, so you can use / bind that IP & port in the client-side code. Hence when the players open / run the game in their mobile, the server will be reachable instantly. - A great / battle-tested RNG (Random Number Generator) so the game really operates on a very randomized environment - many can be found in npm - It would help to draft it on the paper first on how the server will gather players, how one player can be the host, how can the server identify the host, how can the host start the game, how does the server manages each turns, how the server handles unwanted disconnection & reconnection of clients, etc etc
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    Two (2) new repos for game devs

    @index: Added CreateJS suite: EaselJS, TweenJS, SoundJS & PreloaderJS.
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    Two (2) new repos for game devs

    @cloud4gamedevs: got some great feedback at Totally doing this, cheers!
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    Two (2) new repos for game devs

    @index: added stage.js, cocos2d-x, playcanvas engine, atomic game engine, goo.js, crafty.js, whitestorm.js, planck.js; added description to all linked engines / frameworks.
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    Building a Library of Images for Everyone

    Linked this thread and the site @ Awesome collection man
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    Two (2) new repos for game devs

    @index: Added three.js, ammo.js, cannon.js, p2.js, physics.js, stats.js, keypress.js, hammer.js, moment.js, moment-timezone.js
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    Events library for RPG game

    I actually agree XD pardon my vagueness What I actually meant was to piece them working things (ie eventemitter3 & socket io) together into a client-side & server-side classes that both have their own common predefined events so they can work well with each othaa EDIT: I just re-read the main post, not sure if OP's creating a multiplayer one - hence he can just use eventemitter3 alone already OP, w/ eventemitter3 it's already enough to emit & handle events wherever and however the hell you want
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    New comer alert!!!

    Welcome to the forums brotha! Check the link below in my signature, I regularly update it!
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    Other massively multiplayer games like agario
  14. ClusterAtlas

    Events library for RPG game

    Create your own! Craft your own object / class that does the both: - Emits the event locally (ie: when user picks up item, eventemitter3 can raise an event!) - Emits the event remotely (ie: when user picks up item, an eventhandler attached to the above eventemitter3 event SENDS / informs the server that ya picked dat item)
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    One of the cutest games ever XD LOL
  16. ClusterAtlas

    Grade my ECS implementation in JavaScript

    "I wrote 95% of it while high" HAHAHAHA
  17. ClusterAtlas

    HTTP multiplayer?

    This reminds me of travian / tribalwars, maybe your preferred type of genre is a server that (like as you said) doesn't have to be much fast-paced. If so, you can look for those games: travian/tribalwars/spartan wars/whatever.. Most of their actions are HTTP-based Great advantage of websockets though is you can immediately know when a player disconnects from the game.
  18. Will release #1 soon (asset/game files uploader to cdn):
  19. I'm pondering about creating a couple of services and I'm looking for feedback Automatic CDN uploading / hosting of files. An NPM plugin that hosts your project's static files (image, audio, css, js, etc) to Akamai's CDN (Cloud Delivery Network) It may also be used as a gulp task to watch a folder and upload new static assets to the CDN Point being is that, when the assets are hosted on the CDN, it creates more available bandwidth for the server - which might be useful for html5 multiplayer games. Multi-region server deployment w/ traffic manager. Deploys your game server code in multiple regions, Point being is that when the user visits, the traffic manager (which works on the dns level) redirects the user to the nearest region (to Europe server if you're in UK, and not US server), which allows them then to connect to the game at the lowest possible latency. Database & Cache Service Still experimenting at it as of now, but point a short summary is that a database that will is hosted on a US server will allow read-access to the servers in Europe, allowing the deployed servers (in the point #2) to share a common database with other servers in other regions, without sacrificing latency (since the server in europe can read the copy of the database in europe, w/o having to connect to the US region) Will a thing like this be valuable to game developers, especially when it comes to multiplayer games? Looking forward, thank you!
  20. Thanks for the feedback! Regarding the gulp task, noted!
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    Kongregate - is it worth publishing there?

    Any updates on this, OP? Did you went w/ Kongregate?
  22. ClusterAtlas

    Website Creation + animations + scaling

    Do you use pure javascript and css? - yup. but mostly js. How do you handle window content scaling across diferent browsers and screen resolutions? Is it with "%" values on css? - varies, to the point that sometimes you use css, and sometimes you use js (ie: on window resize, on browser games.) And what about complex interactive website animations? Is it css solely? - javascript, not css. Maybe try to build a great understand of roles of js & css in browsers, that's a good start since libraries like phaser or pixi - or whatever - are javascript libraries. css use in modern html5game dev is pretty rare actually.
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    Awesome HTML5 Game Dev

    Added: - Proper PIXI window resizing, w/ jQuery. - @ - @
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    Awesome HTML5 Game Dev

    Hello there, I've recently started a new public repository for HTML5 Game Development. Goals: Make it more in-depth, instead of being 'just another index'. Cover the whole process, starting from coding fundamentals, use of tools, trade-offs and pros & cons between each and everything, factors to consider in creating games, down to actual deployment of games in various platforms, ie: for desktop, browsers, smartphones & tablets. By contributing, we can: Cut the learning curve for new indie developers a bit. Raise the standards, since everyone's time will be spent more in "actual development of games" rather than "figuring a bunch of things out". I've started out with couple links for Javascript fundamentals, and a couple write-up on creating mobile outputs w/ Apache Cordova & Crosswalk, with drafts at the bottom part of anything else that can be added. Looking forward with your participation, thanks! EDIT: Contents of old repo was migrated & re-organized to new one: Thank you!
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    sprite moves to mouse position problem

    Don't know why it moves crazy, but anyways shouldn't you be using the interaction manager? INTERACTION MANAGER: var interactionManager = new PIXI.interaction.InteractionManager( PIXI_APP.renderer, { autoPreventDefault: true } ); interactionManager.defaultCursorStyle = "none"; on load of pixi loader: // the cursor sprite var CursorSprite = new PIXI.Sprite( PIXI.utils.TextureCache[CrosshairTypes.typeOne.texture] ); CursorSprite.anchor.set(0.5, 0.5); CursorSprite.scale.set(0.4, 0.4); stage.addChild(CursorSprite); PIXI_APP.ticker.add(function(delta){ CursorSprite.position.set(, ); });