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  1. Works perfectly! Thank you so much By the way, last night due to the lack of it I used the 64-bit version on a Windows Server 64-bit, just wanna say that it worked too! <3
  2. Lmao maybe next year haha
  3. lol never played something like it! just found a bug though, there was a time where i already dragged a blue block from right to the left, then afterwards i was dragging a red block at right.. the blue one at left was the one being dragged instead of the red lmao
  4. Update guys: finally got it working! Realized that since those guys mentioned that it's already browserified, I came to the conclusion that it's something that I shall just include normally in the html file w/ the <script> tag, hence, excluding it (the pixi-particles js / min.js) from the bundling of other libraries. <3
  5. Thanks Ivan, recently I've just found same issues I'm encountering in the project's repo: Seems like it only works in some namespace like the cloudkid library/framework (screenshots attached).. any ideas how can I work it out? Regarding the TypeScript though xerver, well lol I thought it's something required because its GitHub Readme only have instructions for TypeScript (screenshot attached below), unlike the pixi-sound library where you can just require then it already works I'm currently checking out the examples now, will update if I ever get it workinggg
  6. I myself usually append a "./", ie: fromImage("./resources/whiteSquare.jpg"), try it out too.
  7. I'm curious, does pixi-particles really require use of TypeScript? Compared to all pixi-related libraries (like pixi-sound, tween, etc), so far this one gave me the most headache so far: - doesn't work with regular require - f's up w/ browserify & jspm Thanks for any answers Edit: basically my question is, is there a way to use it without using TypeScript?
  8. Thanks for replying Can you please provide instructions / what tools to use on compiling? (Never tried C++, ever) Would love to try it out!
  9. Was looking to test it today, noticed an error on 32-bit Windows 7
  10. Uhm, I think identifying on which quadrant the mouse pointer currently is during the drag would be a good place to start I mean, if mouse_pointer_current_position.X > selection_origin.X = it's left to right; otherwise if mouse_pointer_current_position.X < selection_origin.X = you get the difference between those two x-axis values, then subtract it from selection_origin.X then you get your rectangle's X1.. correct?
  11. This is amazing!
  12. thats nice man except i got frustrated coz there r no checkpoints hahaha
  13. tried using the 'time' property in the frames? maybe slow things down a bit?
  14. Thanks man didn't know that!
  15. Amazing, I actually integrated it in my editor project and got it working! I did some fixes too, since it the panning was quite buggy on "mouseup". + created "mouseup" event + shifted into using PIXI's ticker. + stored vars (current mouse position and last pan location) in some object (in this case the EDITOR object) + did a mouse button filter (in this case, e.which == 3 means i can only pan w/ right click button ) Thanks a lot Kalith!