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  1. @Sebavan: Thank you so much for the hint. Didn't know that.
  2. Hello Babylon community, I am trying to determine the world center of the bounding box for a arbitrary mesh. But strangely enough it returns always [0, 0, 0] although is partly shows the correct values [3, 2, 1] in the console output. Have a look at line 40-42 at and check out the console output of the browser. What am I missing? It must be something very simple (like a refresh call or so?) Any help is appreciated
  3. @kcoley Thank you so much. I can confirm: It looks correct now. Awesome! 😃
  4. > but I'll add that feature in. I plan on having it implemented by the end of the week. Great. Thank you for that.
  5. Hello Babylon community, When using the BABYLON.GLTF2Export feature, I noticed that textures I mirror horizontally (via diffuseTexture.vScale = -1) do not change the glTF export as desired. Is this a known / accepted limitation or is there a misunderstanding from my side? Also any workaround is appreciated (so far I mirror the texture again manually after exporting them). Here a playground example to illustrate the problem: Uncomment line #11 ( = // oStandardMaterialHightlighter.diffuseTexture.vScale = -1;) and compare the export results. Any help is appreciated (pinning @kcoley as you helped me so greatly last time)
  6. > To make the export behavior consistent, I changed all slashes and dots to underscores. Great. Tested with and it's working now. Thank you so much for your help. Marked topic as solved.
  7. > I will work on a fix and update when completed.  Awesome. Thank you for that.
  8. Hello Babylon community, I have been working with the BABYLON.GLTF2Export feature (which is by the way great to have!!!), and noticed an odd behavior of which I am not sure if it is intended. Check out this playground: It will create a simple scene with a texture and download the following 3 files to your computer: MyFile.gltf MyFile.bin _textures_BJS-logo_v3.png.png So texture image files are renamed during export by their folder path and file extension (in our example from "./textures/BJS-logo_v3.png" to _textures_BJS-logo_v3.png.png ") If I then try to open / drag and drop these in the sandbox, I get the following error message: #/images/0/uri: Failed to load './textures/BJS-logo_v3.png.png': 0 Changing line 169 in the file "MyFile.gltf" From: "uri": "./textures/BJS-logo_v3.png.png" To: "uri": "_textures_BJS-logo_v3.png.png" makes it work again in the sandbox and other software. Maybe the intention here is to indicate with "_textures_" that the image texture was originally in the sub-folder texture, but you cannot open the gltf-file any more like that. In my opinion the BABYLON.GLTF2Export should either Leave the texture file names as is (e.g. "./textures/BJS-logo_v3.png") so that as a user I have to save the gltf in the correct folder (typically relative to the Babylon HTML-app) and NOT include them in the export (i.e. only two files are downloaded), or Include the textures in the export but fix the uri to the correct relative value. Just a proposal to save others the time I spent figuring this out.
  9. Adrian3D

    multiple gltfs in same scene

    Hello, Maybe the AssetsManager can help you. At least regarding your first and potentially also second question?!? There is also a playground example...
  10. @BitOfGold: This is awesome and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. @jerome: I am not very familiar with pull and push requests nor TypeScript. But if you plan to add BABYLON.Curve3.CreateCatmullRom to the Curve3 class in future I will be happy to update the tutorial accordingly including the playground examples.
  11. Hello Babylon.js Community, I am trying to create a smooth 3D spline that goes through its control points. I was reading through the Curve3 tutorial and started a playground attempt: My guess is that I have to create the spline step-by-step somehow with the BABYLON.Curve3.continue() function!?! Maybe I also miss a very simple approach to reach my goal? Wishfull thinking: Three.js offers exactly the spline I am looking for: Would something like this be of interest for the Curve3 class in general, e.g. var oMyNoBrainerCurve3 = new BABYLON.Curve3.CreateCatmullRom( Vector3[] ); Anyone can give me a hand? Any help is appreciated.
  12. Adrian3D

    glTF Loader vs Babylon.js Generator

    Hi Wingnut, Thank you for your quick reply. > . good to have you with us. The pleasure is mine. : ) > Can you elaborate on the version-builder failure? Sorry for not being more specific: When I used the the Babylon.js Generator the day before yesterday, I got a “babylon.custom.js” as expected when hitting the “Generate”-button. But the download of this custom library js file never finished (same behavior in several browsers). Now it seems to work again and today it I was able to download my custom build and use it to load some *.gltf files. So all is fine again. : ) Thank you for your help anyway.
  13. Hello Babylon.js Community, I am new to Babylon.js but very impressed by the framework so far. Nevertheless I would like to stay as much JS-framework agnostic as possible. Therefore I wish to use glTF as the data format so that I can (if required) switch to other frameworks and also take advantage of the many tools currently popping up ( regarding this new format specially created for WebGL. So first I wanted to create a custom build including the glTF-Loader and stable 2.5 version using the “Babylon.js Generator” ( But for some reason this doesn’t work. Anyone can give me a hand? Any help is appreciated.