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  1. Still working on the Phaser, making your first Phaser game tutorial. I am not familiar with js so the question might be easy. I added 5 baddies as a group after the tutorial and I was trying to make it move and change direction every 1 sec. I used a Direction function to determine the direction for 1 baddie. However, I tried to put the time.event.loop function in my loop of creating baddies, only 1 baddie will move around. Others had a velocity of 0. There's my code.
  2. Thank you guys soo much for your help! Problem solved!
  3. I am new to Phase and js, I had some problems when doing some additional works after finishing the Making your first Phaser game tutorial. I tried to add 5 baddies in the game, I did it using the same way adding stars in the tutorial. However, I failed to Collide the baddies with the platforms the debugger shows that TypeError: game.physics.arcade is undefined. The player is not collide with the baddies as well I was confused that if I did anything wrong when adding the baddies. The physics system seems doesn't work correctly. Thank you for ur help!