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  1. Blender Exporter Version 5.6

    @Deltakosh I saw was exported from Unity. Is it because Blender exporter still have problem with armature scale/rotation?
  2. Animation Methodology Review

    @Deltakosh Shall I move it to
  3. Animation Methodology Review Just figure out how to load asset file from github... New find, when I try to change the animation weight with the sliders: If BABYLON.Animation.AllowMatrixDecomposeForInterpolation = true, I get "TypeError: runtimeAnimation.currentValue.decompose is not a function". If BABYLON.Animation.AllowMatrixDecomposeForInterpolation = false, I get "TypeError: this.rotationQuaternion.toRotationMatrix is not a function". Neither of them happened with ufo.glb, so I guess that ufo's animations don't get certain transformation involved. About the loading, if you check scene.animationGroups before line 80, you will find that only the first animation._animatables were there. I'm not sure whether it's working as designed. Maybe I missed certain event... Thanks.
  4. Animation Methodology Review

    I checked out the latest codes. setWeightForAllAnimatables and syncAllAnimationsWith are all there, so I gave them a try... The animation blending seems different from with the same UFO file (abduction_rings animation itself is different on the two viewers too). I guess maybe they retreat weight 0 or -1/stop or not differently and the start time can be different too. I also generated a glb file ybot.glb to make something like and found out it's not working. In, the animation blending of ybot.glb is working and seems correct. I also find that after the asset file was loaded, not all the items were loaded in scene.animationGroups. So if setWeightForAllAnimatables are used immediately, you will get errors in most cases (for strange case like the UFO file, it just doesn't blending unloaded animation but no error...comment out line 88). TypeError: runtimeAnimation.currentValue.decompose is not a function So I start all the animation before set weight. There must be a proper way to do it in certain event... I guess...
  5. I just studied this a little bit. is a good start (Although WebRTC is P2P, it's still better to have a signalling server than manual hand-shaking).
  6. Animation Methodology Review Since 3.2.0-beta.1 to the latest, setting animatable.weight to no -1 will cause error. if (weight !== -1.0) { this._scene._registerTargetForLateAnimationBinding(this); } BTW, the stable version Babylon.js engine (v3.1.1) I found in is not a tag in github (AnimationGroup was not supported). So, After commit 1c51062c8d9860baa9f91e7757a30cd9c2df35dc, animatable.weight can only be -1 and before that no syncWith for animatable.
  7. Animation Methodology Review

    @Deltakosh Thanks! AnimationGroup works. But I got another question... How to apply beginWeightedAnimation and syncWith with AnimationGroup like ?
  8. Animation Methodology Review

    That's what I'm talking about. I tried use beginAnimation, but it's not working. You can see line 16 doesn't do anything with the animation. BTW, I followed to create glTF files with multi actions. drag-and-drop three.js glTF viewer can play animations correctly. I'm not sure about Babylon.js, then it end here.
  9. Animation Methodology Review

    After a lot of Googling, this is the only place I found some one mentioned that. Why no one report this bug? I only can make the animation in assetsManager loaded glTF work with, but can't figure out how to control the animations.
  10. Cannot convert Mixamo to Babylon

    @Gryff: "Clear Parent then re-Parent With Automatic Weights" may change the mesh and cause other problems. You just need to change Armature's rotation Y to match the mesh. Please check
  11. Thanks adam! I broke it again. When the bone and the target meets at the same position, the head is broken. The head turned before the target move to the direction and the animation speed is not right. If line 42 was commented out, the animation speed is right, but Bone Controller is not working.
  12. Thanks for the quick fix. I keep playing with it and find that If "sphere.parent = mesh" was set, Bone Controller just use the original target position when moving with the animation. Did I forget updating the target position somewhere?
  13. Here is the demo, press any key to move the mesh with animation and BoneLookController will stop working. It only happens to the first Bone Controller. BoneIKController also has this problem, if it's the first created.
  14. BoneIKController and bone orientation

    I might not describe it clearly. I'm talking about how to make the bone point to the target (no the default bend axis). For your 2 examples, y-axis always point to the target mesh (with or without bendAxis option), seems because BoneIKController._rightHandedSystem is false. For my example and the dude demo (both _rightHandedSystem = true), x-axis always point to the target mesh. I can make them work with y-axis by setting BoneIKController._rightHandedSystem to false (It will cause another problem with bending). Is it Babylonjs' problem or the meshes' error?
  15. Seems the mesh is only updated to the bone's position during an animation is playing. I find that attachToBone doesn't work with the bone moved with BoneIKController.