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  1. jjcale

    Create a Slot machine game with Phaser.js

    The states - or scenes if you will - are nicely described in Interphase Volume #1. http://phaser.io/interphase/1
  2. jjcale

    The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)

    Arian, yes, that's clear, devs would focus on phaser development, no question about it. The point is about the Phaser ecosystem, where we lack a structured and community-oriented wiki. The tutorials are good to start.
  3. jjcale

    The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)

    Wiki. I am fairly new to Phaser and I explore the framework by studying examples, by purchasing and reading Phaser books and by reading posts on the Phaser forum. One thing where the Phaser framework needs to be improved is documentation. I do not mean the API documentation, I mean a Wiki system, where we could all contribute and improve the content as a community. I like the Phaser 2 examples structure -- we could extend the structure horizontally and vertically (for example Phaser states), adding examples, referencing good practice, providing source code excerpts, etc. There are lots of good features hidden and buried in the Phaser forum, and we should work on an integrated model with a steep learning curve to be more productive. My two cents...
  4. jjcale

    Good graphics/pixel editor for sprites

    I confirm PyxelEdit runs nicely under Wine in Ubuntu. Good choice.
  5. jjcale

    Good graphics/pixel editor for sprites

    How about Aseprite? It's free and runs on Linux...
  6. jjcale

    Good graphics/pixel editor for sprites

    Nice, does anyone know if it runs under Wine in Linux? Will test 0.2.22c version before purchasing... Cheers, JJ
  7. Hello Phaser practitioners, I am about to draw graphic sprites with transparent backgrounds, simple colors, sort of retro graphics what editors would you recommend me? I prefer Linux... :-) Thanks! JJ
  8. jjcale

    Discover Phaser Pdf

    I bought a couple of books from: https://leanpub.com/bookstore?search=phaser and also Interphase Volume 1 (it's 400 pages, but in reality it's about 200 pages ;-)). Discover Phaser is a decent book in my opinion and it's good to start with. I recommend it.
  9. jjcale

    Exact walking animation

    Seems interesting, I need to check how this works: Say the player is 2 pixels from the wall (no collision) and I move the player right 4 pixels (new position - touching the wall with 2 pixels). But then the collision/overlap function will fire up, but the player's position has already been updated :-(. Tricky.
  10. jjcale

    Exact walking animation

    I was pondering over this approach -- being in full frame control. Now how would I manage collisions and overlaps? This way I could easily get off the map and/or collide with wall objects. I would be missing out arcade physics. I would have to mimic jumps, etc.
  11. jjcale

    Exact walking animation

    Hi Phaser practitioners, I am trying to achieve a very exact walking animation, something like the old school Manic Miner game: With every frame (effectively with every RIGHT key press - quick), you move an exact number of pixels. For example, I have 4 frames to walk right. Frame 0 Frame 1: + 4 pixels Frame 2: + 8 pixels Frame 3: + 12 pixels I want to avoid the "Michael Jackson" slipping effect, if you understand what I mean. I can set my sprite's velocity, I can set my onUpdate function, I can specify the sprite's animation frequency... However, with every RIGHT key press, I would like to walk exactly 4 pixels and change my animation frame++. This example shows, that you move right by slipping in-between frames: http://phaser.io/examples/v2/animation/two-frame-test Attached are Manic Miner's animation frames. Any idea how to accomplish this task? Thank you! JJ
  12. jjcale

    Functions in object's prototype? Benefits?

    Yes, I agree, with ES6, it's looks stylish.
  13. Hi, I have seen two approaches to encapsulate Phaser functions into objects: 1) in a state object directly 2) in a state object's prototype What are the benefits of each approach? I assume that I would create only one instance of the state object, so there is little memory overhead (created instance + class object itself). I have no plans for inheritance. Thanks, JJ
  14. Studied the State Manager in more detail, this is cleaner: shutdown: function () { this.stick.destroy (); this.buttonA.destroy (); }, The shutdown method is invoked last before changing/resetting a state. You want to call it as a destructor method for all Stage components. And keep the rest of your code untouched: killPlayer: function () { game.state.start('main'); },
  15. Yes. I just figured it out by trial and error: killPlayer: function () { this.stick.destroy (); this.buttonA.destroy (); game.state.start('main'); }, But I don't know what 'stage's is for.