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  1. i am trying to make realstick glass like i used pbr but its not showing glass like transparent can you help me to find out like this glass
  2. mouse navigation in babylon js in this my playground . when i want to go inside the room in mobile version . then mouse is not working . though mouse i want to in the room . how it possibbe. and it is possible in your demo in mobile vesion i navigate with mouse . so i want to how can i do it. pls help me
  3. sir i am new in babylon js . i show your demo - ,it is smoth with navigation with mouse . but when i crete something in babylon js is working navigation though left , right, backword , and forward key though keyword . but when i navigate with mouse its not working . its only left and right . but i want to navigate backward and forward through mouse . how can i do it . pls give me suggetion or good example . and my pg is -
  4. escalator in babylon js

    var animateCameraPosition = function (camera, fromPosition, toPosition) { var animCamPosition = new BABYLON.Animation("animCam", "position", 15,BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONTYPE_VECTOR3,BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONLOOPMODE_CYCLE); var keysPosition = []; keysPosition.push({ frame: 0, value: fromPosition }); keysPosition.push({ frame: 100, value: toPosition }); animCamPosition.setKeys(keysPosition); camera.animations.push(animCamPosition); scene.beginAnimation(camera, 0, 100, false); }; document.getElementById("escalator").onclick = function () { animateCameraPosition(camera, camera.position, new BABYLON.Vector3(894,850,3600)) }; i do and its working. but i want to do when my camera go infront of escalator then its automatic up to the first floor in my code its go through the on click of button
  5. i start a two floor shoping mall in babylon js with the help of 3dmax . i use escalator to go second floor . then i want when my camera go near the escalator . we automatic go to second floor . how can i do this .
  6. i am newbie in babylon js . how i can develope multiplayer game in babylon js . this question is allready discuss in your forums . but i didn't understand yet. can u give example or idea . and when we click link on previous question like this on forums its not work. give the 404 error
  7. hello every one i want to know how to create customize jyostick on screen like arrow . and attach picture of it when middle drag left , right , up and down or any direction between this circle my camera go that site .. pls help me this project made in three.js i want to use this feature in my babylon project
  8. when we apply on reflaction texture it not support . basically my question is when we create mesh through 3d max it support reflaction or refraction . or we can made texture which is support reflaction or refraction
  9. sir i develope a demo project its mesh created by 3d designer and its texture . i want to apply reflaction or refraction but i couldn't apply on it ,any type of reflaction which is given in your documentation. so pls help me
  10. how to apply reflaction on 3dsmax object for example (laptop) . i apply all type reflection provide in your documentation . but it not work in 3dsmax object
  11. how to apply gzip on server