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  1. I was making frequent changes, trying to correct the problem, and in all likelyhood, I hadn't pushed the most recent changes. As it turns out, a really silly error was the source of my grief- I was testing whether my naming convention was the problem, and I did a bad thing: find/replace... so I was referencing a JSON object that didn't exist >.< Short version, I think I got it sorted out. Thanks very much for taking the time to look and respond. =)
  2. Hello, all. I'm a web dev student, new to phaser, and I'm using it to make my final project. I'm having a devil of a time with the tile map functionality. I've scoured google, looked at every tutorial and guide I can find, and it's just not working. Here's my repo: Basically, the sprite is rendering, but the tile set isn't. I've double and triple checked my file and path names, my JSON structure, everything I can think of, but I'm not getting anywhere. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, and happy coding.