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  1. If it's only one station you wan't to display, I'd say your problem could come from the fact your meshes are not designed to be used in a real time application. Where did you got them ? Every 3D drawing software has a decimator tool to reduce the amount of triangles in a model, try using it on pieces too detailed. The fact you want to keep the ability to pick meshes make it harder to reduce the mesh count. I'd try something like this : The rail sleepers are merged together, so only 1 draw call, but when picking you can get the index using the world position. A more generic and elaborated way could be using another information in the mesh, for example the UV2 channel if you are not using it yet. Here, you merge the meshes but stores an information about their original index in the UV2 channel. Whenever you click, check the value of the UV2 channel where you clicked, and you know which element you picked in the mesh.
  2. SvenFrankson

    TYPESCRIPT in Playground

    That's really great, thanks a lot !
  3. I think each mesh requires as many draw calls as it has subMaterials, which would explain the huge draw calls count. Any hint about what you are trying to render ? A full city ? A very detailed building ? The easiest way to improve performances would be -> Freeze meshes not moving. If a mesh only move "sometime" (on user input for example), keep it frozen when it's not. There's some true optimization here, if not done already. -> Merge meshes sharing materials together, you will reduce the draw calls count, also some true optimization. It's harder, but you will also need some LOD and / or baking into texture, because I'd say your triangle count is way too high... Everything's here : Good luck !
  4. SvenFrankson

    Moving diagonally at the same speed as horizontal/vertical

    Oups, indeed kurhlaa is right here
  5. SvenFrankson

    Moving diagonally at the same speed as horizontal/vertical

    Maybe it will work with X = sqrt(3) and Y = sqrt(3) ?
  6. SvenFrankson

    Is there a way to modify material ID of imported meshes?

    I need something like this too (removing textures from imported material), the way we do it is $.json( { url: "model.babylon", success: (rawData) => { = "newId"; = "newId"; BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh( "", "data://" + JSON.stringify(rawData); scene, (meshes, particles, skeletons) => { // success callback } ) } } ) (It's pseudocode, the success callback in the first $.json call is likely to be much more complicated...) The idea is you first load the .babylon file as a Javascript object, so you may edit it easily. Once all changes are made, you serialize and re-inject it. (It would be better to be able to load a mesh from a Javascript object, but it requires some changes in Babylon code...)
  7. SvenFrankson

    What's next?

    Mine too, but why would you assume it's a deletion ? It looks like a bug...
  8. SvenFrankson

    NASA turns to Verge3D

    Great job ! Is this app made only using your "Interactivity without coding" feature ? Are the handles in the scene (the blue arrow moving the cameras for example) from a ToolBox in your software ?
  9. SvenFrankson

    What's next?

    Are you sure we can ? I don't fully understand how SubMesh are implemented, but it seems copying the array would not set subMesh._mesh or subMesh._renderingMesh,
  10. SvenFrankson

    What's next?

    What about this feature ? I often need to extract VertexData from meshes with submeshes, but it ignores the submeshes. Maybe there's already a way to do it without keeping track of the submesh indexes along the VertexData ?
  11. SvenFrankson

    How to get circumference of mesh?

    Your hit variable is never null, there's a boolean property hit.hit telling you wheter your ray touched something or not
  12. Hi, It can work if you use "edgeRenderer" on the mesh, instead of wireframe on the material. (also, there's a call to "convertToFlatShaded()", otherwise some non-seam edges might be invisible)
  13. SvenFrankson

    Triangles oddly lit

    Thanks @Deltakosh, I'm running OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6, updated a few seconds ago, still having issues with the sphere. As far as I'm concerned, no need for a fix with a boolean, odd scaling where mostly due to rounding errors on matrix decomposing, making sure scaling is uniform is easily done. I'll check with Chrome bug database as well Edit : Here it is in Chrome bug database :
  14. SvenFrankson

    Triangles oddly lit

    @Deltakosh I just upgraded to Chrome 66, same result, still buggy.
  15. SvenFrankson

    Triangles oddly lit

    Thanks a lot Wingnut, I had never used AppendScene, seems like it did the trick ! You're the best Textures are broken in this sample but it's not a problem, I create this scene by stripping parts of a larger one, hence the missing textures. The missing textures are about materials shown in the original scene but not linked to this cup, so they may as well go to 404 error On your playground, I have the same issue as when I open the scene in a Sandbox (see first picture I linked where triangles appears oddly) : it's perfectly failing and displaying the bug ^^ Well done ! @Sebavan I'm using a MacBook Pro mid-2015, OS X El Capitan 10.11.6, running Google Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181 I checked on Mozilla Firefox, the mesh is displayed well, on both Wingnut's playground and my repro. On the playground I linked, I see this While not exactly similar (I see no triangles here), this odd display is also caused by the scaling value, so I guess the causes are the same. Again, thank you both !