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  1. Ad4m

    Picture Packer

    Hi all, I would like to share here a simple python app I'm coding: PicPacker. It's -or will be someday- somehow similar to TexturePacker. It takes same sized images, processes them and yield, as you all has supposed, a single image containing all the others. Also if you specify it you can generate a json to index all images. If you like be my guess and try it, at least for testing purposes ☺️
  2. Ad4m

    Help with using the Phaser3 Framework

    Hey @Derail thanks for the answer, as a matter of facts these days I've been learning the Webpack's concepts and I already made my first steps with it. Several days ago I found that approach -like you said- but I didnt took a look at it due to I had never used a module bundler before, now I will do it. Webpack isn't that hard to understand even for a beginner like me in some aspects of programming. I think I will make a blog about all the things I will learn when learning phaser.
  3. Ad4m

    Help with using the Phaser3 Framework

    Hey @samme, sorry for the noob question but can you or someone else explain me a way to split the app.js into multiple files?
  4. Ad4m


    Thanks all for replying. Yes @michebn what I want i can find it at as you can see there's almost no description there and you have nothing here . I was looking for something like @samme provide at but Phaser 3 not phaser-ce.
  5. Ad4m


    Hi all, I'm wondering where can I find the game-configuration-object's description? I was browsing the docs here and, even if I don't know if it does have what I am looking for, when I clicked in the GameConfig param link, I got an 404 Error. So now I don't know where to look for. Can you help me understand the game config object?
  6. Hi, i just found this post in a similar topic posted by @fariazz that was helpful to me. Thks anyway. MODs if you can delete this topic :)
  7. Greetings! I was some time ago learning Phaser 2 but for some reasons I had to stop doing it. Now I will start again from almost zero and I don't know what would be better to learn: the solid Phaser 2 or the new one with new features Phaser 3. Please give me some advice.
  8. @oobarbazanoo try creating the group of tiles this way group = game.add.physicsGroup(); i'm not sure if it's the same than: me.platforms =; me.platforms.enableBody = true; but try anyway
  9. Ad4m

    How to check [EASY]

    I'm not sure if this is the best approach but try this:, this.groupOfEnemies, this.bulletsColision, null,this); function bulletsColision(bullets, enemy) { console.log( this.groupOfEnemies.getIndex(enemy) ); }
  10. Ad4m

    Sprite size problems

    That worked perfectly @samme, i will take a look at what you said anyway @jonteferm. Thks both for the answer.
  11. Ad4m

    Sprite size problems

    You can see what i meant above here
  12. Ad4m

    Try my flappy bird game

    It looks good as some has mentiones but i couldn't be able to score more than 3
  13. Ad4m

    Sprite size problems

    I created a Texture Atlas using SpriteSheet Packer and I thoght it will crop the sprites but when i debug it showing the bounds i get what you can see in one of the pics attached, but when you look at the texture file the sprites are cropped, I dont know if that's a problem with frame dimensions in the json definition or not. Is there a way to do that without editing all the images to the proper dimensions?
  14. Ad4m

    Sprites animation & gen paint

    Hi, for those who want to create graphics faster and easyly using that simple tool called Gen-Paint, check out below this function i made that allows to create and add a spritesheet dynamically to our game cache using the arrays of pixel data generated in Gen-Paint. Just copy the function in your project, the function will be called using the line generated in the modified version of gen-paint attached (An example is also attached). function createSpriteSheet(gameObj, frames, spritesheet_name){ var id_base = "texture_base_id_"; var objs = {n:frames.arrFrames.length,width:null,height:null}; for (var x = 0; x < objs.n; x++){ frames.arrFrames[x] = gameObj.create.texture(id_base+x,frames.arrFrames[x],frames.fWidth,frames.fHeight,0); } objs.width = frames.arrFrames[0].width; objs.height = frames.arrFrames[0].height; var bitmap = gameObj.add.bitmapData(frames.fWidth * objs.n * objs.width,frames.fWidth * objs.height); var x = 0; for (var i = 0; i < objs.n ; i++){ bitmap.draw(id_base+i, x, 0); x += objs.width; } game.cache.addSpriteSheet(spritesheet_name, '', bitmap.canvas, objs.width, objs.width); } gen_paint_1.js example.html