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  1. Hey there, let me give you my problem as visual as possible ( attached file ). It seems like safari / fb in app browser does not use my ScaleManager.RESIZE as requested. I had some issues calling my resize function on oriantation change, so i implemented this: window.onresize = function(event) { them.resize(game.width, game.height); }; And finally added this.resize(game.width, game.height); in the end of my create function. But nothing results the correct view in ios safari / fb in app view. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Firefox/Safari blurry Sprites

    Hey there, i got a problem with blurred sprites. Everything is fine in Chrome, but not in Firefox and Safari. I already tried to implement roundPixels = true or any css image-rendering. No sprite scaling does not change anything. Here is the link: Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Loading / Performance - collision

    Well, thats nice to hear. Which system / browser? I am with Android 6.0 API23 - Chrome.
  4. Loading / Performance - collision

    Hi! I am working on my first Phaser-game. I have a performance issue with my collision rendering. I am using tilemaps and an extra layer for my collision. You can see my example on (without rendering collision) and here is the example with rendering collision: Everything is fine on Desktop. Loading time is about 6 seconds. But on mobile devices it takes about 1minute to load. I am using "map.setCollisionByExclusion([], true, this.collisionLayer);" for my collisions. Already tried toreduce the number of layers to a minimum - about 2 layers - does not help. Tried using map.setCollision([8,9..]) - did not render any collision for me. Any suggestions? Thanks for your replies.