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  1. Remixful

    Putting text under game

    I'm using Chrome. Maybe something happened with my cache, I don't really know... And I'm not going to bother thinking about it since the issue is gone and I couldn't even find what caused it in the first place.. I'm just using the phaser.js that comes with Phaser Editor.
  2. Remixful

    Putting text under game

    Idk what's going on but all of the sudden it's working.... I don't even need any classes for the game text, it works like <body> <div id="game"></div> hi </body> just how I wanted it to.. So strange... but my problem is fixed so...
  3. Remixful

    Putting text under game

    Thanks for the reply mattstyles, but still no luck... Result:
  4. Remixful

    Putting text under game

    I absolutely hate CSS in general, it's really the most frustrating thing for me, and I'm having a tough time putting something as simple as text below the game. <body> <div id="game"></div> hi </body> var gameconfig = {width:1200, height:800, renderer: Phaser.AUTO, parent:"div"} game = new Phaser.Game(gameconfig) Result: I've tried clear:both, floating, display:block all this stuff and that damn text just sits on top of the game no matter what I do. Have mercy on me...