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  1. just a thought static is a reserved keyword return "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'static' of null"
  2. It worked nice thanks.
  3. I am using P2 and option 2 some area behaves like a non newtonian liquid so if something moves fast it will stay hard, something moving slow will sink in. Baiscally I drop a sprite out of the back of the car (goo dropper) and if a zombie walks over it it moves slower, and the goo does not move if something hits it., (And thanks)
  4. Ok I am wanting to put a material on the ground that when my car hits it it's slowed a little and when the zombie hit is they are slowed alot (and such a material exists non newtonian fluids). What do I need to tell my object so I can see if they are touching without having them bounce off everything.
  5. Aha an even better way
  6. Are you getting any error messages, can you include your code.
  7. If I understand what you are doing is you have your phaser game, and you have your ajax call that needs to access something called anim. If I were trying to fix it my next two questions would be when does anim have something in it. Does moving it scope wise to the very top fix things.
  8. I've done it. You end up offsetting the game world. There is an example somewhere In your create customBounds = { left: null, right: null, top: null, bottom: null }; createPreviewBounds(bounds.x, bounds.y, bounds.width, bounds.height); function createPreviewBounds(x, y, w, h) { var sim = game.physics.p2; var mask = sim.boundsCollisionGroup.mask; customBounds.left = new p2.Body({ mass: 0, position: [ sim.pxmi(x), sim.pxmi(y) ], angle: 1.5707963267948966 }); customBounds.left.addShape(new p2.Plane()); customBounds.right = new p2.Body({ mass: 0, position: [ sim.pxmi(x + w), sim.pxmi(y) ], angle: -1.5707963267948966 }); customBounds.right.addShape(new p2.Plane()); customBounds.top = new p2.Body({ mass: 0, position: [ sim.pxmi(x), sim.pxmi(y) ], angle: -3.141592653589793 }); customBounds.top.addShape(new p2.Plane()); customBounds.bottom = new p2.Body({ mass: 0, position: [ sim.pxmi(x), sim.pxmi(y + h) ] }); customBounds.bottom.addShape(new p2.Plane()); sim.world.addBody(customBounds.left); sim.world.addBody(customBounds.right); sim.world.addBody(customBounds.top); sim.world.addBody(customBounds.bottom); } The top area is referenced via negative coords. If that is too hard, you can make the world too big for the screen and then in your update use the camera position to determine where the fixed areas display on teh screen
  9. use a call back in the tween to unset a flag that you set to say the tween is running. Then check that in button code
  10. Never done code like this but have some general questions. Can you via the console confirm the data is where you think it is. That the level you are on is where you think it is (I had a recent problem when I went to level 2 from level 1 I ended up on three). Can you use the console to manipualte things and manually change the tiles - then click on the brower to see what it updates too?
  11. Made the same switch. I just let it render without overriding it. Have not had performance issues but don't have alot of sprites see how it goes without a separate render function.
  12. Thanks got it up
  13. I had life turn things crazy about 21 hours in. Didn't submit but had soimething playable. http://www.mikewagman.com/mgs/ludum/
  14. I'm in and working. The there is small world, https://www.dropbox.com/s/tb7gl8u1svtojp7/ludum002.jpeg?dl=0 My inspiration is a sign from the city I live in