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  1. chaining events

    Make it change it's path in the update loop.
  2. chaining events

    Not that I see - I think you would have to write some code that works like a player piano to run a script. I use that to manage waves of zombies in my driving defense game (like a tower defense game but you run them over)
  3. P2JS Not collide with group

    MY best guess is do a colide function and use that to fix the course when they do. I am sure there is a better solution but not sure what it is (I am kinda new)
  4. I'm new...have a couple of questions

    Fairly new myself so I don't know the answer to 1&3 however 2. YES
  5. update movetoObject

    call the moveTo every update so it updates - is what I would try
  6. Weapon Plug in and P2

    I got it, main like of useful code as part of update loop if (weapon.bullets.children[j].alive== 1 && (Math.pow(weapon.bullets.children[j].x-walkers.x,2)+Math.pow(weapon.bullets.children[j].y-walkers.y,2))<225) With the bullet having a radius of 15 pixels. The thing I did not get is bullet information is in weapon.bullets.children
  7. Weapon Plug in and P2

    Is there a way to get collisions to work with p2, or to go through the list of active bullets and get thier x and y location, Or what do I loose if I switch from p2 to arcade. Thanks
  8. Game reloaded after playing continously 15 to 20 minutes

    I would load the task manager on the desktop and look to see if there is a memory leak. The desktop should be able to handle a memory leak much longer then the mobile devices as it has access to more ram. How much memory/cpu is the browser using at first versus after an hour.
  9. Extended object function troubles

    just a thought static is a reserved keyword return "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'static' of null"
  10. Touching but not coliding

    It worked nice thanks.
  11. Touching but not coliding

    I am using P2 and option 2 some area behaves like a non newtonian liquid so if something moves fast it will stay hard, something moving slow will sink in. Baiscally I drop a sprite out of the back of the car (goo dropper) and if a zombie walks over it it moves slower, and the goo does not move if something hits it., (And thanks)
  12. Touching but not coliding

    Ok I am wanting to put a material on the ground that when my car hits it it's slowed a little and when the zombie hit is they are slowed alot (and such a material exists non newtonian fluids). What do I need to tell my object so I can see if they are touching without having them bounce off everything.
  13. Tweens

    Aha an even better way
  14. JSON issues

    Are you getting any error messages, can you include your code.