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  1. Hello everyone Babylon sandbox For the moment, I try to get same render in 3ds max and babylon sandbox with pbr material and environment map. If I put a .dds environment in 3ds max. The exporter exports correctly my .dds and after a drag and drop to babylon sandbox, I have a good render. But if I want to change my .dds by another in babylon sandbox, the roughness on my material doesn't work anymore. While the .env works correctly, the render changes and the material responds well to environment. It’s the same issue for .babylon or .gltf. export .babylon with .dds environment. Changing .dds environment with another .dds on babylon sandbox. Changing .dds environment with .env on babylon sandbox. Is that possible to change the .dds to see modification on babylon sandox? It’s simpler instead of always returning on 3ds max, changing my environment map and re-exporting. The exporter .env. The “generate .env texture” works only if the .dds is exported from 3ds max. It doesn’t work, if I change the .dds on babylon sandbox. It’s the same with an .gltf. For a better workflow, is that possible to add “generate .env texture” directly on the exporter (3ds max, maya, …)? Thanks for your time and help. Florent Glibert Letsbro Studio PS : my demo is sandboxEnv_wrongRender.rar
  2. Hi @noalak, I created a test scene grouping together the majority of PBR maps in order to give an example of the issues we are encountering. You can find it in attachment. Color map jpg to png The color map is automatically converted to the png format after the export. The issue here is that our initial picture in jpg format (980 Ko) switched to the png format (1530 Ko). I already checked that my transparency channels are well deactivated in 3ds max. Would it be possible to keep the standard picture as it is after the export ? Transform jpg 72dpi to jpg 96dpi I also noticed that the export converts the dpi of my jpg pictures. The latter change from 72dpi to 96dpi. Would it be possible to keep the initial dpi while exporting ? Low resolution metallic/roughness map We noticed a loss of quality during the merge of the roughness map and the metallic map intended for the PBR. Here is a more explicit example : There is a kind of smoothing and artefacts in the central hole of the floor while the edges are sharp on my roughness or metallic maps. Is there an additional compression during the export ? If yes, can we deactivate it ? We thank you very much in advance for your help and your time ! textureOptimisation.rar
  3. Hello everyone, hello @Deltakosh I am contacting you because I have some problems with the export on 3Ds max. For my tests, I use à simple scene with a cube. My version of the exporter: 0.34.0 1: Error with an environment and a .babylon. I know that the export environment is not possible but is it normal to have an error if I use it in my scene? 3ds Max exporter option Error with Export & Run Error in Sandbox (no error in the console) 2 : Error export GLTF With or without the environment, the exporter bugs. GLTF error with "Export & Run" without environment. GLTF error in sandbox without environment (no error in the console) GLTF error with "Export & Run" with environment. GLTF error in sandbox without environment (no error in the console) The debug layer never works if have an error in the console. I am attaching my files if you want to test directly on it. Thanks for your help and time. exportBugs_GLTF_env_18012018.rar
  4. Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, it's correct. But, where can i add an issue?
  5. Hello community, Do you think you can add, in the roadmap, an option for multi-animation in 3dsMax? Exemple: to have an array in the babylon options in 3ds in order to manually enter the range of different animations and put them inside the export (0-50: walk, 100-150: run)? This option would greatly help 3D graphic designers for complex projects. Thank you for your time. Florent Glibert Letsbro Studio @Deltakosh
  6. Thanks for your help. @Temechon I have 3Ds max 2017 Fr (yes, it's so bad...) @Deltakosh Yes, I also think it comes directly from 3ds max. I will test on the 2015 and 2016 to see if the bug depends on version. Do you think that the animations on the instances will not be possible (or difficult, considering the additional steps to do as soon as the bug appears.) I also pass the scene before export (I had to start again. I haven't save it before manipulation) But I think it will not change anything. bugInstAnim_first.max
  7. Hello everybody. I have recently encountered a problem in exporting an instance object with animation. Let me explain. First, I created a basic cube (Boîte001) to which I link a skeleton of two bones. I created a simple animation that folds it down. After, I created 3 instances of the cube and I turn them each of 90°. If I "export and run", there is no bug. The instances follow well the basic animation. (see bugInstAnim_ok.jpg) My problem happens when I close 3ds max and I turn it back on. If I "export and run" after re-opening, my export changes the orientation of my animation (while it is still good in 3ds.) (see bugInstAnim_bug.jpg) The only solution for my problem is to delete old instances and recreate them. Do you know where the problem might come from? Because, if I create a complex scene with full animated instancs and I have to recreate them after each restart of 3ds max, it might be very long... Thank you for your help. Best regards, Letsbro team PS: I joint my .babylon and .3ds files. @Deltakosh bugInstAnim_OK.babylon bugInstAnim_bug.babylon bugInstAnim_00.max
  8. Hello everyone, I have a question related to the 3ds max exporter. I would like to export several animations linked to a bone (not bibed) Ex : I model a Box. I link to him a single skeleton and apply two animations : Anim00 : opening the Box Anim01 : Closing the box. Is it possible that these two animations are differentiated after export (in the .babylon, with time and keys)? In such a way that I can activate either one or the other? If so, what method can I use? Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post and for your help. Best regards, Letsbro team. @Deltakosh