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  1. For a new scene I generally use a class that extends PIXI.Container with all the needed functions. So I switch different scenes by adding / removing it to game stage.
  2. Yes, you can. Like creating this new one for a "loader" preload and using a default one (PIXI.loader) for the main preload. var newLoader = new PIXI.Loader(); newLoader.load();
  3. Makemake Hope

    problem with with Vue.js

    Try to log input target when clicking on your containerBullu maybe. Just to be sure it's interactive and accessible for the input (not overlapped by another sprite for example).
  4. You could load some smaller assets for a Loading icon/animation first. Those can be loaded in a scene that goes before Preloader scene. Than you could switch to Preloader scene, start showing Loading icon/animation, then start preloading everything else. If this is what you mean
  5. Makemake Hope

    Hell Club HTML5 Card game!

    Works for me now too. Maybe was waiting for a filled table or something.
  6. Challenging and sort of addictive gameplay and the concept is nice and simple. What seems a bit confusing is starting a new game binded to Options button. Think it looks more like a way to change language or audio settings rather than resetting game progress.
  7. Makemake Hope

    game hokkey 2018

    Everything seems to work nice but it offers little in terms of replayability as for me
  8. Makemake Hope

    Hell Club HTML5 Card game!

    Seems to load eternally on Try Now.
  9. Makemake Hope

    Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 1000 Tracks

    Nice pieces, thanks a lot for sharing! Funny-5 stuff sounds adorable
  10. Makemake Hope

    Agent of Descend

    Hi! This is my recent HTML5 game called Agent of Descend. Agent of Descend is pretty simple battling game with some RPG elements. Federal agent descends down a hotel on an elevator eliminating thugs, mobsters and terrorists level by level. One can upgrade agent's attributes or buy more powerful weapons and items. The game is using pixi.js as a framework and Dragonbones as an skeletal animation editor. Most graphics effects are drawn as frame sequences. Here is a link to a dev build if you feel like trying: Thanks for the time!
  11. Makemake Hope


    I'm pretty new to html5 development (have some actionscript experience though) so I hope to go deeper soon and the forum seems to be a great place for this. Cheers!