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  1. Thanks! Your answer gave me a clear idea of what to look for we are sticking with PixiJS for now
  2. For example, Phaser has a lot of examples with inputs whereas PixiJS has examples of how to render things and a little few interactions mouse based. I'm not sure if we are gonna to use BOX2D but it's always a good thing to know that you can count on that.
  3. Greetings everyone! I'm new on this HTML5 game development world! I am a 2D artist and my team was working on JAVA (Libgdx). Now a new project came in and it is for web. We need some advice at the moment of choose the Framework to use... we looked to PixiJS because it has the better Spine (updated to its last version :D) support we've found and the showcase in its page is amazing! But reading here and there, it is said that Pixi JS is just a renderer whereas Phaser is a complete game engine. Then we found Phaser is using a very old version of Pixi.. and even Phaser 3 is droping Pixi for an own renderer... We read about some important drops of fps on games made with Phaser 2.x on mobile systems... and read about the nice rendering capabilities of PixiJS. so... many wild questions appeared. Those amazing games at the showcase at the Pixi JS 4 are enterly made with it? What do we have to keep on mind when developing a game with PixiJS? Should we have to consider a 3rd option? (Having on mind that Spine support is very important to us). Thanks and I hope to learn a lot from you guys