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  1. nicloay

    Astroe - 100 Player 2D Space Battle

    I like mechanics and upgrade flow, but i was alone on server so after 15 minutes it become boring. and i didn't see the satelite from your screenshot. so for me it was just a mining simulator, no any fight =).
  2. nicloay

    Phaser.loader - active loading canceled / reset

    I have similar problem and sims like it's not because of code. 1. I have windows 10 2. I use grunt and grunt-contrib-connect - with this http server i don't have any chance to load all resources. 3. WebStorm and python simple http server has the same behaviour. At first it load several images (4 or 5), when you reload, it load another images =). and on 3d page reload it loads everything =) (and it works like this because it doesn't reload cached items). So i little bit googled and found this page It show that windows 10 has limit of 20 incoming tcp connections and maybe this is an issue, not the phaser or main code. p.s. and sorry i'm newby with Phaser, just started to learn it and still at war with configs and environments =) Ah.. and here is a code used by loader. the issue was solved in the slack channel by @phreaknation problem in loading in create() function need to be in preload()
  3. nicloay

    [WIP][Phaser] MotorSpeedway

    Nice game. Controls are quite smooth. But it really hard to play in current version without minimap. Also maybe it will be reasonable to increase camera size depends on car linear speed?
  4. nicloay

    Host your own website (for free?)

    Don't make home server for your site. I'ts not a problem to setup apache or nginx there, problem starts after you will realise that you need a monitoring system. and most worst things is if in 6 month when you hasn't touched config you would need to rollback a backup on crashed machine =). Github should be good for static content, you can use static site generator like Jekyll. fi you will have a huge traffic i think you can use cloudflare. and if you need serverside, i think azure, playfab and another one has free plans which should be enough for first time, and if you get tons of request, i think you will have money for pro subscription.
  5. nicloay

    Html5 Tools of Trade

    Here is one more really cool sequence diagram editor You can use it fi you want to design how entities works (send messages and call methods) with each others.
  6. nicloay

    [Phaser] JumpTuber

    Nice game. As I have a light form of color blindness sometime it was hard for me to differentiate thumb ups and hamburgers so failed several times because of this. Well done! =)
  7. nicloay

    Which engine to pick?

    Do you need html5 game support? because regarding your list you want to publish on mobile and desktop. If so, you can try it use lua for scripting, but in active development and has all features which you need (sound, tile map, spine animation, particles, shaders, native plugins on iOS and android) with html5 right now there is one big issue is that they don't have integration with javascript, but they said that they will release it soon (in 2-3 release so it means in month or two) and to be fair =) this engine is acquired by King =).
  8. nicloay


    Hello everyone. here is my game made on defold. (hope webgl is ok for this section) I've made this game on game jam about 6 month ago. and right now want to polish (add proper tutorial + metagame) and release somewhere. Unfortunately defold has some limitations, i don't have access to javascript so i can't make proper integration to the portals. so i think to release it on the Facebook. and if retention will be ok - make proper release on android and iOS. I'm new in html games, I come here from unity3d, so I'll be very happy for your advices. online version: Screenshots: Gameplay: