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  1. Really good one! it works really well!
  2. NicoA

    Boomerang Chang, now in HTML5

    really nice! simple and adictive!
  3. NicoA

    [WIP] Bugs with GUNS

    Nop! only change the range of the archers because all the monsters reach the archers faster!.
  4. Really Nice! love the graphics and it is really simple to play!
  5. NicoA

    [WIP] Bugs with GUNS

    Hello all! I have increased the speed of the bugs, can you give it a try and tell me if you like the new speed? thanks!.
  6. Really nice work!, do you use a framework to do it?
  7. NicoA

    [WIP] Bugs with GUNS

    Thanks :)!
  8. NicoA

    [WIP] Bugs with GUNS

    Thanks for the feed back! Lvl 5 is hard because is the last lvl i have right now! I will make it easier when i have more lvls.
  9. NicoA

    [WIP] Bugs with GUNS

    Hello! I want to show the first 5 lvls of my second phaser game (v2.6.2), here is a picture of it: And the link: It work in PC and cell phones. It is a little laggy in some android devices. I will be great if you can test it and tell my what you think. Thanks!
  10. NicoA

    [WIP] Fold Wars - 2D Tower Defense

    Really nice work play till second lvl and it looks really good.
  11. NicoA

    CastleGlory.IO Real Time Strategy

    You should add a feature that the units you cant play show with a alpha or some gray so you know what you can build with the resourses you have.
  12. NicoA

    CastleGlory.IO Real Time Strategy

    really nice work!!! it works really good on crome!.
  13. NicoA

    Arcade Builder NG Launch

    Great work! It looks great! You should try to make the menus to build and updates more intuitive. I have a hard time trying to understand what update what!
  14. NicoA

    [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG

    Really really good!, Im tring to create a game like this for some time... and yours is just too perfect! Love that you are using spine for the animations!, it looks really nice!. Hope you lets us play the demo version soon :).
  15. NicoA

    My First Game Called: Matchy Matchy

    wow! really nice io game, love the art!. I love that you show the number of users! great work! Hope i can do all of that with my game some day!! You use pixi for this game? no other framework?