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  1. Really nice article!, It is really dificult when you are starting a game to know the right time to show it to the word, and when it is time, you never know how to get in contact with the word! haha.
  2. Really nice one love the graphics!! will try in phone soon
  3. @leonylyner Thanks! When we start the game i didnt know how to use Phaser, so I have to learn a lot just to start the game. We start the proyect 8 months ago, but just 10 hours per week max because i have a full day job! I think the most important part was that, when i have the time, i always try to correct or to do something new for the game!
  4. wow, great work!! it looks like it works really well!!. Cant make it work in my phone, when i try to put my name it zooms and i cant zoom out.
  5. Hi All!, I want to introduce my first game in html5 (Phaser), and, as you can see, I love to start with one of the most difficult of all the games!. First a picture of the game: And off course, a link to play it: As you can see the game is RPG like, and have the following features: · Multiplayer game (all the players in the same map for now!), · You can chat with other players (press enter, type message and then enter again), · Level up as you kill monsters, · Items drop with different attributes (more than 20 items types), · 5 types of monster that appears as you level up, · 6 spells. The game is yet in alpha, we are showing a concept of how it will looks like when it is finished J. The objective right now is to kill the cosmic monster, it is this one (it appears when you are lvl 5): To kill him, you will need really good items!, so try to equip as good as you can or engaged him with some other friends!. I would like to thanks the two persons that help me do this game: · Leonardo: That make the tiles for the game and the side bar! (and help me to test it a lot!), · Julian: That make all the draws, specially the cosmic monster and the principal character!. We are a team of people that love to play games, and love more to make them. What we use to make this game? All of this: · Phaser C.E 2.7.5 (so great framework!!). · Node.js for the server. · Server and Client write in Typescript (much better than plane javascript, it help a lot to debug the game). · Some pictures and sounds were taken from · JS Signals by Miller Medeiros for the server. · TileMap to do the map of the game. If you like the game please give us some feedback and ideas to continue the development of the game!. Hope you enjoy it!.
  6. Really Nice it works really well!!! do u use a engine like phaser? what did u use for server?
  7. Really Nice!! I lost in the TRAP it was funny :). At the start i did not realice that the game has already started (it looks like a introduction to the game when you first enter) you should add a "use cursors to move" or something so the player know that they can start playing!.
  8. Really nice game!, but i cant pass level 8, always the same error, (sometimes in other levels). If you fix it please tell me that i want to win :P. The error was: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'x' of null at (main.js:3332) at (main.js:3201) at (main.js:2893) at (main.js:7302) at (main.js:6953) at (main.js:3642) at (main.js:3692) at ZoneLine.func (main.js:20939) at c.SignalBinding.execute (phaser.min.js:11) at c.Signal.dispatch (phaser.min.js:11)
  9. Really nice! I like it , great job!, You should change the behavior of the character when you keep pressing on a direction that you can’t move like a wall and the size of the screen is really small for PC. How many levels are in the game?.