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  1. Really good game!! really polish! It works really well also!, almost not FPS lost!
  2. Thanks!, I use for server - client communication. To handle more than one map i use the rooms system of, the characters don’t collide with each other (you can be in the same place than another character). To control the collisions of the monsters with the map i load the tile map in the server, and I don’t let the monster enter the restricted areas :).
  3. Just add this feature to the game!, now when you click you do a basic atack, and you can do yours specialls atacks with number 2 o 3 :). Is this what you have in mind?.
  4. Nice idea!, i will implement it in the next release and let you know, thanks!
  5. Thanks Jammy!, yes, you can click the monster to focus it and after that all the spells you throw will be to that particular monster!.
  6. Hi!, I’m a independent game programmer, and I have started a multiplayer RPG game, here a link to it: And a picture to see the style of the game (not pixel art): I have make all the code for the game, and the graphics and sounds are mainly from free assets and some help from an illustrator. What I’m looking for is help with the graphics and maps of the game, so if you already have some graphics of the style or want to collaborate to make the game please contact me!. Also you can see the main story of the game in the tutorial, if you like it and have ideas to improve it I will really appreciate it. Best, Nicolás.
  7. Hi!, i have add more content to the game, the most important are: · I create the initial city, where all the players start theirs adventure · I build a tutorial map to help people understand the story of the game and learn how to play The link for the game is: Here are some pictures of the new improvements: Principal MAP TUTORIAL MAP The new graphics are mainly from Lost Garden and other pages that I will include in the credits of the game! Thanks for all the assets for the games.
  8. Wow really nice! I´m working in a similar game and you have already implemented lots of thinks i would love to have :). I think you need to build a city or something like that to start in a safe place! A mini map or something like that would be great. I want to see all the map and I didn’t know where to go!.
  9. wow themoonrat great review!!! Hope you can do the same for my game some day!!
  10. wow nice work!! You have done lots of improvements since the last time i saw it!. A funny bug, i was able to build a machine outside the shop and people can use it!.
  11. Hi!, I have added some new content to the game: 1) Now the monsters cant walk over water!, (it was really funny to see a dragon in the midlle of the sea...) 2) Add a bar to see how much life the monster you are attacking has left!. Hope you like it!, I remember the link to the game here:
  12. Hello!, are you using a framework to do this? Also, it will be great if you can put it online so we can play it in crome or firefox :).
  13. Hi to all!, i want to show the new level system: When you pass the level you can chose a new skill :). Hope you like it!. Have fun!!.
  14. Really nice !! works really well.
  15. @mansim Thanks!, i will release a new version in some days! you will be able to improve a stat of your character every time you lvl up!!. I will check the performance issues you get! thanks!.