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  1. paulsavage

    [WIP] My first Phaser game

    I originally developed the game for the iPhone/iPad in Objective-C using the cocos2D framework. It's hard to say exactly how long it took, as I did it part time over a couple of years. Most time was spent sourcing and preparing the graphics, but it was all fun though. It probably took a month, or so, to convert to JavaScript running with Phaser.
  2. paulsavage

    [WIP] My first Phaser game

    My first attempt at a Phaser game. Works in Chrome, Opera and Firefox (although some font problem in Firefox when fullscreen). Works on iPhone and iPad, but maybe not suited for iPhone's smaller screen. Gamepad inputs not working in IE under Windows 7, but ok in Edge on Windows 10. Game website at: - there's a play button at the bottom of each page to start the game (best played on a desktop/laptop in Chrome or Firefox, with a gamepad). If you want to have best times/scores saved on server, then create a username. Still very much learning about Phaser, but managed to produce something with knowledge acquired so far. Regards, Paul.
  3. paulsavage

    Music for HTML5 games

    I have developed a game using Phaser, but I need quite a few pieces of music for level backgrounds, level-up, menu etc. Since it's a web-based game, all of the audio files will be directly downloadable from the hosting website - they are just .mp3/.wav/.ogg files. After reading the terms and conditions on many music sites, it would seem that they all, in some form or other, stipulate that the music files must not be directly downloadable. Does anyone know of any sites where I may purchase music that does not have this restriction?