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  1. Hey, I'm searching for a team/dev/ (experimented) that need an artist for a project. You can check this webpage where i gather some sample of my school and personal projects. I've already made some small games in the past, but I would like to focus more on the art side of game creation I can do 2D/3D art and animation if needed. I'm more interested in character and props animation/modeling. If you're looking for someone feel free to contact me directly on this topic or via PM
  2. small games

    I added Taxi apocalypse to the list
  3. Space 2

    I like the game, it's obvious that you take time to make it although , the control are weird, the ship should move in function of its angle
  4. A Sliding Thing

    Very good game which engine have you used ?
  5. small games

    I added Don't touch the spikes (clone) to the list
  6. small games

    I added copycat to the list
  7. [WIP] Rogue Fable II

    It's a really good game, I've played different classes, and i feel that necromancer is the easiest to play. I got an error tho, main.js:13413 Uncaught trying to place Bat tileIndex is occupied by: Bat
  8. small games

    Hello, I'm currently making little games on codepen to teach myself how to bluid them and get better at it So i thought it could be nice if I post on this topic every time i make a new game for the feedbacks I'm using javascript and render graphics on canvas, and piskel for the spritesheets. 1/ Marble labyrinth Created JANUARY 23, 2017 tilt the screen with your mouse and move the sphere to the square, beware the holes in the ground. Link: 2/ The Dungeon Created FEBRUARY 07, 2017 walk through the dungeon, each time you enter a new room your score get higher. Link: 3/ Copycat Created MARCH 30, 2017 This game is about cloned cats which you control at the same time Link: 4/ Don't touch the spikes (clone) Created MAY 05, 2017 Link : 5/ Taxi Apocalypse Created NOVEMBER 06, 2017 Link :