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  1. samid737

    Issue drawing arc graphics with phaser

    Setting the second last argument to true seems to slice it, but colouring would probably needed to be done manually (subtract or shift colour­čś×
  2. samid737

    [Plugin] Phaser 3 Plugin Path Builder

    MINOR UPDATE: Read the full details here : v1.6.0 Updates Update to Phaser 3.8.0. Integrate API changes. Added ES5 Branch.
  3. samid737

    Can PathFollower have Physics?

    It should be possible with :;
  4. samid737

    [Plugin] Phaser 3 Plugin Path Builder

    MAJOR UPDATE: Read the full details here : v1.5.0 Features Added Scene explorer, hold middle mouse button to move through the game scene. Added reset view button. Added camera zoom using mouse scroll wheel. Added mouse cursors for improved UX.
  5. samid737

    Camera offset not working

    That is Phaser 2 api. Please use the Phaser 3 api. You can use scrollY to offset the camera A bit, something like: this.cameras.main.scrollY = gamecentery + someoffsetY
  6. samid737

    Best way to render graphics

    1: 2: use graphics.clear() inside update.
  7. samid737

    Rendering static graphics

    You can use setScrollFactor, which is probably the best way if you're looking for fixed positioning. If you need more fine tuned UI (fixed rotation, zoom), you can use multiple cameras. Tell one camera to ignore the world objects, tell the main camera to ignore the UI objects ( hotbar etc.). Another way is using UI scenes, one solely for UI and one for the game world.
  8. samid737

    [Plugin] Phaser 3 Plugin Path Builder

    MINOR UPDATE: Read the full details here : v1.1.3 Features Added main scene pause resume buttons.
  9. samid737

    [Plugin] Phaser 3 Plugin Path Builder

    MAJOR UPDATE: Read the full details here : v1.1.0 Features Added curve undo option.
  10. This plugin will help you build paths for pathfollowers and path tweens. Draw and edit Lines, Bezier Curves, Splines and Ellipses at runtime and export them to Phaser. A useful tool for editing and building paths. Explore your scene while building paths. Draw your path in-game during runtime. Export path as JSON Data. Load them into Phaser and create awesome animations using pathfollowers! Maximum usage of Phaser API. More cool features will be added soon! Demo. Src & Docs NPM Submit an issue
  11. samid737

    P2 physics momentum transfer

    body.velocity.magnitude I meant. Speed is the magnitude of velocity, it is an absolute value. They are different things. When you are going fast, you say I have high speed, but when you add the extra detail of direction (up and left), you talk in terms of velocity. With speed you don't need to worry about directions, which makes it more convenient in your case. Two cars approaching each other at the same high speed (100 km/h), have completely different (opposite) velocities (100 and -100).
  12. samid737

    P2 physics momentum transfer

    You could use speed instead of velocity as A basic measure: before.body.speed - after.body.speed Also don't forget that mass would also play A role (unless the bodies have equal mass), so you could consider A lower (relative) damage for heavier objects.
  13. samid737

    Background Selector

    Here is one way, using sprites instead of background images:
  14. samid737

    Moving the Clock Minute and Hour Hand

    An example to support : You can adjust the minute dial by incrementing, but the hour dial can be set if you know the amount of minutes passed. The same can be done vice versa. The problem with the stuck dial is that the angles are wrapped between 180 and -180 and when you go from 10 o 'clock to 8, the difference is 170 - (-170), so the difference becomes large and reverses sign and goes haywire. Its pretty tedious to solve, but most of the time you can add 180 to the calculated angle. Hope this helps.
  15. samid737

    Moving the Clock Minute and Hour Hand

    You could multiply the angle change with the sign of the current angle: minute.angle += Math.sign(minute.angle) * 6 Or adding 180 to the pointer angle to deal with the wrapping. Instead of using increments I would count the minutes and set the hours according to the minutes , 24h = 1440 minutes. h = (m/1440)*360*2 +90.