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  1. Zombie Cannon Attack! has had a halloween update and is now also available on Gamejolt, both as a demo browser version and a downloadable full version made with nw.js I've now released the web version on several portals as well as Android and Desktop versions. I'm planning to do a blog post soon(ish) on creating the various versions. If anyone has anything in particular they'd like me to cover then please let me know.
  2. All bugs are now (hopefully) fixed thanks to the awesome community here, I've now released a Kongregate version. Again I'd really appreciate any feedback and if you have a Kongregate account it would be great if you could give me a rating.
  3. I've hopefully fixed this now but I can't be completely sure I've replicated the circumstances that were causing the error, if anyone has time to check I'd greatly appreciate it:
  4. I think your problem is that to use .body you need to enable Physics, but you don't do that on Player til after you try and set size.
  5. Thanks, I'll give that fix a try. Update: that worked for me, thanks very much
  6. Thanks for looking into this. It's been really enlightening. However there's something I'm not quite clear on, doesn't BdR's fix require me to change the keyname to something game specific?
  7. Use player.body.setSize(width, height, offsetX, offsetY) to choose your players hit box size.
  8. Yes, it looks like they host it in an iframe. Any ideas how to fix this? Has anyone with a game on Newgrounds come across this?
  9. My latest Phaser game was just released to Newgrounds over the weekend, among other problems I've seen that clicking outside the game window freezes play. Only switching to a different tab and back will unfreeze the game. During development and on my own site clicking away from the browser would freeze the game, but bringing focus back to the browser will unfreeze it. Does anyone know why it's different on Newgrounds and if there's anything I can do to fix it?
  10. I've just released my Phaser game on Android last week. I used Cordova and Crosswalk. I initially added Crosswalk then removed it because it didn't seem to make any difference and added considerably to the file size, but after I used Rich's multi-texture guide the performance was much better. The biggest problem is how long it takes audio files to decode, I've had to solve this by design - using intro animations as delays and not launching until essential audio is ready. Creating the apk itself wasn't too difficult after everything was set up, what took most of the time was trying to integrate IAP and Admob plugins. I spent weeks struggling with the IAP in particular before just switching to a different plugin with better documentation (I'm using this one but I've only had test purchases so far).
  11. I followed the link just before I posted so it was whatever version was there then The first time it took a few minutes, after I refreshed it happened again within a minute or two. I'm using Chrome on desktop (windows 10) if that helps at all.
  12. Nice game, but after I'd played for a bit the game seemed to get stuck on really fast mode even after I died and restarted. I had to refresh to get the speed back to normal.
  13. Hi, thanks a lot for this. I'm assuming that changing the keyname now will cause problems for people who have an existing save? I've attempted a workaround where I check if the save object contains something specific to my game, that seems to have caused the error you saw so I've tried something else that hopefully works. If anyone else can check for me that would be really helpful.
  14. Hi, I've just released a game to Newgrounds and I'm getting a few reports of problems that seem to come from the save data but only on Newgrounds, the same players can play the game on my site without problems. I'm storing save variables as a json string in local storage and some players seem to be pulling save data from local storage despite never having played the game before. I have a generic name for the save object and I was wondering if this could be the problem? Maybe I'm getting save data from other games that have also used the same generic name? Has anyone come across anything like this before? See my other post for links and an instance of the problem:
  15. That's weird, I've seen that happen to me after I've changed something in the save info but I've no idea why it would happen to someone playing for the first time. Can you try using the delete save button and see if that fixes it please? Also, were there any error messages in the console?
  16. A web demo version is now also available on Newgrounds: As ever, I'd like to hear any feedback, questions or suggestions.
  17. Zombie Cannon Attack! is a zombie-themed endless runner, with cannons! Cannon-fire test zombies to infect the local populace and create your very own rampaging zombie horde. Gather data and use it to upgrade your zombies and build the perfect undead army. Available now on Play Store, download FREE here: Created using Phaser, and packaged for Android with Cordova. For further details see this blog post. I'd appreciate any comments or feedback, and a download and rating on the Play Store would be fantastic. I'm also happy to answer any questions anyone might have. UPDATE: I've recently released a Halloween update to the Android version. There's also now a web demo on Kongregate and Gamejolt, Gamejolt also has a downloadable desktop version.
  18. This is nice work, good job you seem to have infinite lives though. I died so many times
  19. Hi, I liked it. For a topical game like this I actually think it's perhaps a little hard, as you've got the opportunity to get non-gamers playing. The levels do feel a little empty though, so maybe more enemies but make them weaker. Not being able to burn down the tabloid windmill is a huge missed opportunity too . I wouldn't spend much more time on it though to be honest, the election is less than two weeks away so I'd just drop the tories and get it out there asap.
  20. It looks like you're adding the button more than once, in which case destroy will only destroy the last one added. Try changing your code to check if the button is already there before adding another or using a boolean to stop it being added more than once.
  21. Work out how long the animation takes, then set it to repeat and use a timer to destroy it after it's had long enough to play 3-4 times.
  22. It looks really nice. I'm pretty rubbish at it though so it would be nice if the power-ups were permanent so I felt like I was getting somewhere.
  23. That's an interesting game, I died from too much protein . I'd suggest trying to find a simple way to present the nutritional info somewhere ingame though if you can, I'm not sure how many of your players will want to take the time to read the wiki.
  24. You can mimic the behaviour of a child object, for example have child.x = sprite.x etc in your update function and code the child to be removed when the sprite is. I'm not sure how good an idea this is from a performance point of view though.