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  1. This is very simple in PIXI, if you want to consider the z-index of the elements you can use the setChildIndex of their container. Simply, elements added with the same container will be added to the previous element. However, you can use addChildAt or setChildrenIndex to do so.
  2. Write a function to facilitate this. I have written a function in my library similarly. The parameter includes (p_x, p_y, p_startAngle, p_endAngle, p_innerRadius, p_outerRadius). First you need to determine the starting point X and the starting Y coordinates: initialX = px + Math.cos (toRad (p_startAngle)) * p_outerRadius; Same for initialY with sin. moveTo (initialX, initialY); drawArc (p_x, p_y, p_outerRadius, p_startAngle, p_endAngle); lineTo (p_x + Math.cos (toRad (p_endAngle)) * p_innerRadius, p_y + Math.sin (toRad (p_endAngle)) * p_innerRadius); drawArc (p_x, p_y, p_innerRadius, p_endAngle, p_startAngle); lineTo (initialX, initialY); Note: customize the color you want by infusing the original color.
  3. Sadly, CocoonJS stopped working.
  4. Why do you want to do that? Instead of using a transparent element in pixi and using css to convert its color, create that transparent element with the color you want to use it. That would be better. I usually do so to synchronize source code.
  5. That is simple, the best way to do that is to draw a rectangle and another one as soon as it's created. That will save you a lot of memory when having to redraw every time you hover on it. You just need to hide and show it or update coordinates (if necessary).
  6. Hey! I sent you a PM, please check your message
  7. In my slot games, I usually use the animatedSprite for images on each reel and use TweenMax to make slot effects. Typically, the use of animatedSprite for slot games is much better with using spines.
  8. I fixed the problem and i found: the movie clip can't change textures in game play if you missing call gotoAndStop or gotoAndPlay after you set textures file! gotoAndPlay or gotoAndStop call textures in movieClip and my MovieClip has change!
  9. Hi all, Today i have a problem from my project and i need help from you! Problem when i'm try to create a new PIXI.MovieClip! Every thing will be ok and so good with this! But when i'm try to change the textures of this MovieClip (this MovieClip have one value textures and MovieClip.update run) = new textures value! The MovieClip not change in my game play! Can you help me know problem in here! Thanks so much!