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  1. kabuto178

    Physics collision with sprite group

    Collision does not seem to fire when using this code The sprites still pass through each other. The sprites are generated after the game state loads not sure if that has anything to do with it. I create custom sprites which exten Phaser.Sprite
  2. Your predictions should work really well in this case, but what about for keyboard style input movement?
  3. kabuto178

    How to properly load scripts

    currently thats how I am trying to load the level1 state js file into my current state, however when I try to call game.state.start('level1'); it fails to find the mentioned state. I am doing something wrong but unable to find any documentation to address this exact issue. Or should I just stick to including the state files in the script tags of the game html page?
  4. As you said, these solutions are kinda tricky for more real time games, like a MMO type game. I guess I will be facing these latency issues the same.
  5. I am actually undergoing a similar network setup now, for a small project. I would appreciate more details on getting new players sprites added to the map of each client and updating their position.
  6. kabuto178

    Tilemap & Offscreen Enemies Questions

    What was the conclusion you went with? The last option with a timeout or check for viewport in update loop?