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  1. @adam Yeah! I cleaned it up and this is exactly what I wanted to do. Thanks!
  2. @Zampano, no major mistake. If the cheating player does that, the interface will indeed show 100HP, even if he has 1HP only. Now, if they get hit once more, they would die, regardless of what they locally have set. That's because the server is what tells the player whether he is dead or not.
  3. @Zampano, why would that make you say that? If the game is fully on the client side then yeah but again, how could a game like that be competitive? If not, then design your architecture to absolutely never trust the input from the client and simplify it. See the client interface as just a way for them to send you commands, no major logic running there.
  4. Hello! I am looking into using a Plane and turning it into a dialog box for my little game. I found the scale9 feature but that applies only to sprites on the canvas2d. Here is PG which shows what I managed to do: Basically, I want to be able to switch the green plane with my 2D sprite. It would be easy to do it normally but I want to have access to the scale9 feature for scaling the box. Any idea?
  5. @Nockawa any update on this? I found this thread exactly for 9-patch sprite in Babylonjs. Let me know
  6. Hey @En929, can you open the Network tab and see if there any file not being properly loaded? How about the console itself? Any error? For number 2, I'd say to use an exporter and convert it into a .babylon file, much easier to work with and usually very light. More info at:
  7. Welcome @kornik, you probably want to add something like:, this); function onDown(sprite, pointer) { // do something crazy here }
  8. You can specify them separately, not a problem
  9. @tiflis apparently that flag is Firefox-only. But I guess you could find the culprit either in "chrome://gpu" or "chrome://flags" and see if something is disabled (maybe try to restore to default).
  10. @tiflis Look into `webgl.min_capability_mode` flag (set it to false) and let me know
  11. Maybe this could be helpful, @Raggar? If not, try to simplify your snippet, way too much stuff to know exactly where things go wrong
  12. @tiflis, can you try to spin up a webserver on that machine and access it from another computer via Chrome? If this works then the problem is related to the Chrome on that machine.
  13. Heya @kapu, here is my very personal opinion: - GIMP is decent but quirky, I prefer Pinta ( / when I need it to have some basic Paint or Krita for an actual Photoshop alternative ( / - Inkscape is quite dreadful in terms of UI and UX but has a lot of features, one being able to support svg (Krita supports them too, btw) So yeah, GIMP and Inkscape are very known and popular in the linux world but there are definitely better and more moden alternatives out there. List of licenses:, I would suggest MIT if you want to be REALLY nice to any developer in the world (from the young student to the seasoned commercial developer) or GPLv3 if you want to force people to keep your stuff open-source always and regardless. TL;DR-License:, cool tool for getting the salient points of each license.
  14. Thanks for sharing it with the community, @Befive.Info. You should definitely upload it somewhere so people can demo the project online as well
  15. Hey @eliavmaman, welcome to the community! Anyway, if Unity is not within your interests (although Unity can be coded in UnityScript, which has a syntax very similar to javascript), Babylon.js an Phaser are, from my experience, quite good and simple frameworks for web game development. If this is your first game ever, I would still strongly suggest to go with Unity as I find its editor to be a great tool to learn the basics of game development.