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  1. Windy

    Audio + memory usage = headache

    If you don't want two download zip please tell me
  2. Windy

    Audio + memory usage = headache

    Hi all. i have a problem with memory leak. I try take heap snapshot of my game on Chrome. I saw: - if i load audio in preload function, my State and phaser StateManager is load again each time i reload webpage. So, memory keep increasing - If i don't load audio. Memory doesn't increase. @Anderberg @fitness23 can you help me? How to use your code? I uploaded my code, with screenshot of snapshot. Please take a look. Thank you so much.
  3. Windy

    Adding class instances to a group.

    Hi everyone. I am newbie. I has a question with using function. When i use it, i must add my sprite to a group to make the sprite appear. While if i use game.add.sprite, the sprite appears without group. What is difference? Please help me clear my mind.
  4. Windy

    Try my flappy bird game

    It's very good, and i have few recommends: - You should make animation for the fish. - The game is quite hard at the first pipes, i can't get more than 4 - You have to check if the fish is go to Top bound. I used this trick, make the fish over Top Bound and the game becomes endless :))
  5. Hi there. I'm newbie in Phaser. Now i want to learn about Sound. I'm researching how to make a game like Don't Stop Eighth Note. Player's moving depends on how loud your voice. I don't know what keyword or function i should to search. Anyone can give me a guide. Thanks so much.