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  1. Hiroxin

    [WIP] Mosha Online

    Well, the "having a relationship" is just one part of it's social features. You could certainly meet a player, ask to be friends, and later on become a couple. Virtual relationships are common in RPGs. It's definitely not like FB or other social networks, where your relationship means your real life relationship. You certainly can play alone without ever meeting someone :P... or having 0 friends lol. Anyways, I hope you could try it later on
  2. Hiroxin

    [WIP] Mosha Online

    Hey guys, I'm Hiro, from Mosha Games. I'm currently developing Mosha Online, an Online Social Multiplayer with some RPG that helps you interact with your friends through a virtual world. Right now you can register at Mosha and wait for the Open Beta to be released some time next month The game was made with an in-house engine. We like to call it, "Pollo Engine", entirely with HTML5. It's a very basic engine that can handle multiplayer with several online players. Right now, we are currently on a campaign on Indiegogo to accelerate our development, because game development can be cruel and costly... So, here is our campaign: https://igg.me/p/2041428/