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  1. Honest Coder

    Add new vertices to mesh?

    Is it possible to add new vertices to a Pixi Mesh object? It seems possible to alter existing vertices but not to add new ones, since an indices property is not listed in the docs, only verts and UVs.
  2. Honest Coder

    Basic triangle mesh with vertex colors

    I would very much like to implement this using a shader or filters, not interested in canvas implementation so this will all be WebGL. I am specifically interested in making use of a vertex alpha channel for blending mesh grid vertices in overlays (is that even possible?) as well as applying tints that change across the grid, but I need to walk first before I can run and want to see. I found this as a starting point, though it doesn't seem to work with an alpha channel yet: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/WebGL_API/Tutorial/Using_shaders_to_apply_color_in_WebGL But, this being my first experience with shaders, am struggling so far just to get this working. At the moment I am getting an error that property "location" is undefined, which seems to be an issue with uniforms. I also understand I may need to include some variables in the shader, but documentation is very week and most of the examples are fragment shaders. Having spent a whole day on this I'm seriously pulling my hair out, but I imagine this is a walk in the park for many familiar with shaders and the v4 filter system. var Lcolors=new Float32Array(16); for(var n=0;n<Lcolors.length;n++){Lcolors[n]=Math.random()} var vertexShader=[ "attribute vec3 aVertexPosition;", "attribute vec4 aVertexColor;", "", "uniform mat4 uMVMatrix;", "uniform mat4 uPMatrix;", "", "varying lowp vec4 vColor;", "", "void main(void) {", " gl_Position = uPMatrix * uMVMatrix * vec4(aVertexPosition, 1.0);", " vColor = aVertexColor;", "}" ].join("\n"); var fragmentShader=[ "varying lowp vec4 vColor;", "", "void main(void) {", " gl_FragColor = vColor;", "}" ].join("\n"); var uniforms = { aVertexColor: { type: '4fv', value: Lcolors } }; var Lfilter=new PIXI.Filter(vertexShader,fragmentShader,uniforms);