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  1. Jammy

    Create a game

  2. Finish a small game on your own
  3. Jammy

    [Phaser] Zombie Cannon Attack!

    I think it may have crashed on me or something? Latest Chrome on Windows 10.
  4. Jammy

    VikingsVillage.io - Multiplayer brawler

    I had already played this a while back, it's one of the more enjoyable .io games - very fun.
  5. Jammy

    js13kGames 2017

    hi @end3r im just wondering about the package size rule. E.g. if my code is 40kb, but once compressed into zip is 13kb - would that count as a valid entry? Thanks, Jam
  6. Jammy

    Arcade Builder NG Launch

    Heya guys, Today I've decided to put Arcade Builder live on Newgrounds, hopefully I'll get some feedback and then can but this project to bed after any tweaks and then onto the next project. Arcade Builder is a business simulator which lets you build and manage your own games arcade. You can find the link here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/696901?updated=1500890537 If you have a Newgrounds account it'd be great to receive some votes/reviews. It is written in HTML5 and uses PixiJS to render. It took roughly 5 months in total with a lot of chill time in between (lurking here and playing games). I still plan on doing more with this game, but under a different title/theme next time, I'm thinking of adding crafting. For those who may be interested, here is my favourite video during development: I have created a playlist of all the footage I took during development: Thanks guys, have fun, Jam.
  7. can u add WASD controls please
  8. It was an interesting watch although an abrupt ending even if it is just part 1. I was hoping for a conclusion where we look back at the concepts and stuff... I guess it'll be in part 2, but in future just put a smaller conclusion at the end of a video maybe? coz this just kinda built me up only to cut me off. I look forward to part 2
  9. Jammy

    Please help test my game Arcade Builder

    Heyooo guys. A load of updates made to the game now after more public testing and such. I still plan on doing a few more changes before going live but once again would love to hear any feedback/issues/suggestions. Improved UI Many bugfixes More upgrades Janitors/cleaning More animations from customers (show unhappiness) Read customers thoughts (find out whats wrong) Multiple challenges Optimisation in a few areas Latest link: https://jamdonut.com/prod/0.8.8c/iframed.html Couple of screenies: Thanks, Jam
  10. Mmmmmm..... I have no appreciation here sorry. 1. It's spelt "Total" not "Totle" 2. It's not a game 3. It hardly needed developing, I could make this in 3 lines of JS 4. Trust me you don't want me to rate or even continue to consider this app. I'll get nasty.
  11. Jammy

    First Game Launch - Chickie Can Fly

    graphics are nice, website too. gj dude
  12. Jammy

    Is Gamejolt useless

    Thanks for the response and insight dude, so is it more like a "place to host your game" and I guess some community around that? What sort of stuff do you get up to on there?
  13. @NicoA very good! im really liking the combat changes, it feels much more involved now. I went and killed 20 monsters and it all felt good. Heading in the right direction and can't wait to see more. Maybe its time to add a quest? And maybe a shop to sell/buy things!
  14. Jammy

    Latency issues with Node JS game and VPS

    Thats pretty insane, i've never seen a ping lower than <10ms! Even when I'm working in the cities close to me, Preston, Leeds. I think you're even pinging 6ms to a french server. Little bit jelly.
  15. Jammy

    Latency issues with Node JS game and VPS

    @mattstyles if only we all lived in london, i guess its not normal for 30ms ping then. maybe you could run this test too