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  1. Ah cool! yes that feels much better and more balanced in fights can you program a fireball skill and a bow skill? that'd be awesome like mage vs archer/rogue, maybe even daggers
  2. you won't believe the code I wrote to achieve this... so what exactly is the "sprite" we pass here? The container/sprite we wish to save?
  3. Are there any demo games or sample pages I can take a look at, possibly with some input/output. It's quite an interesting project, have the pygame community been interested? You're a crazy guy for doing this.
  4. Yes it seems that way so far, the current "fix" I have is kinda alright but it's a bit lame, I really liked stretching the browser - but in the end this plays in an iframe so i'm sure it'll be alright.
  5. I know how it is dude haha, Well when you have updates I'll definitely check it out - I may get past the whole chess thing haha
  6. yknow if this game had better graphics and wasn't about chess, i'd probably keep playing right now lol, i do like these kind of games a lot!
  7. wait, ive only just discovered this "watch" thing. that is super cool, cant u make it bring up that menu if i click a battle square, surely this is ur battle log
  8. 1. The tutorial wasn't buggy but sometimes a little confusing as the English wasn't perfect. But I made it through, so it worked. 2. As all games that are complex - at first it feels overwhelming, but after a few minutes it looks cool I like it, I don't like chess though but I understand its rules so the combination sounds familiar and fun, but not my kind of game overall. 3. Battle logs, images on the menu so it looks nicer and is easier to navigate, more animation when a battle happens or a field is built. Hope that helps
  9. Its pretty nifty but a bit complex and slow paced. I seemed to have my horses get killed but I wasn't told why or when? Maybe I'm wrong. I managed to build a few fields and sent my horse hordes around to kill pawns but now they've been killed themselves I'm not sure how to earn enough money to buy new horses? Do I just plant a fuck load of fields and wait overnight? Does the game keep playing if I log out? On my screeny "1" is where I thought my horses were last. Is there a battle log anywhere?
  10. I know it's only testing but you could allow/force SSL since I just had to enter my email and a password. Trying it out now
  11. This doesn't appear to work, I can still zoom if I try this on this page: https://jamdonut.com/zoomtest.html
  12. omg... i just cant.... maybe tomorrow lol
  13. Temporary fix: Do not allow resize of the UI by resizing the browser, i.e. only my fullscreen button will re-size and re-position the UI. this means if you stretch your window the game stretches making text ugly. It allows me to disable resizing on zoom, so if people accidentally zoom pixijs doesn't care and won't resize. Bit lame... At a loss here for better solution.
  14. I believe what you need is a black sprite that acts as the transparent shape, that is used as a mask. Theres a demo here: https://phaser.io/examples/v2/bitmapdata/alpha-mask