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  1. Tiled splatmap seams

    It seems I found a solution for this, it was as simple as setting the wrapu and wrapv values on the mixTexture. I previously tried this on the diffuseTextures to no avail. tMaterial.mixTexture.wrapU = BABYLON.Texture.CLAMP_ADDRESSMODE; tMaterial.mixTexture.wrapV = BABYLON.Texture.CLAMP_ADDRESSMODE; I now have a beautiful, seamless tiled map. I'm guessing to use more textures for splatting I will need to look at writing my own shaders, correct?
  2. Tiled splatmap seams

    Hey all, I've been toying with creating a large open world, I planned to tile this using a smaller grid of tiles around the players local grid. A sample of what I am trying to achieve is at http://community.troy.nz/hm/index.html What I have so far is a 7x7 grid of seperate tiles that use individual 513x513 32-bit heightmaps and 64x64 24bit splatmaps (i've tried various other sizes also) and three textures. I've noticed when using the splatmapping there is a seam at the edge of each tile as depicted below. Zooming in closer you can see the issue When Zoomed right in you can see that one of the other textures is bleeding through, there's rocks behind the stone Does anyone have any idea on what is causing this and how to fix it? I would also be interested in being able to use multiple splatmaps (ideally several individual greyscale ones) to have more than 3 textures per tile, Is there another shader available that will do this?