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  1. Android issue with normal maps

    Thats ok , right now I just removed bump map for that gpu, chrome combination, it anyway quit old device,
  2. Create instance issue on android

    OK will leave it for now, if someone finds why it is not refreshed, before mesh leaves viewport, feel free to report here
  3. Android issue with normal maps

    This extension is available, but looks like that it was broken on driver level, I will close this issue for now, and remove bump maps for this particular gpu.
  4. Android issue with normal maps

    @V!nc3r 3.0 have the same result and in 2.5 bump is not applied at all.
  5. Android issue with normal maps

    By adding level=0.001 , at the beginning ball looks ok (without bump applied), but after zoom in to ball, same artefacts start to show up
  6. Hi, found issue with normal map on some android devices. PG. It gets corrupted and looks like it is related to light, as changing the light type, changes artefact types. Device: Galaxy S5 mini OS: Android 4.4.2 Browser: Chrome 50.0.2661.89 Webgl: {vendor: "ARM", renderer: "Mali-400 MP", version: "WebGL 1.0 (OpenGL ES 2.0 Chromium)"}
  7. Create instance issue on android

    @Deltakosh Found something but probably I am of road, but Inside Mesh class in method _renderWithInstances there is check if (!instancesBuffer || currentInstancesBufferSize != this._instancesBufferSize) { if (instancesBuffer) { instancesBuffer.dispose(); } instancesBuffer = new Buffer(engine, this._instancesData, true, 16, false, true); this._instancesBuffer = instancesBuffer; this.setVerticesBuffer(instancesBuffer.createVertexBuffer("world0", 0, 4)); this.setVerticesBuffer(instancesBuffer.createVertexBuffer("world1", 4, 4)); this.setVerticesBuffer(instancesBuffer.createVertexBuffer("world2", 8, 4)); this.setVerticesBuffer(instancesBuffer.createVertexBuffer("world3", 12, 4)); } else { instancesBuffer.updateDirectly(this._instancesData, 0, instancesCount); } Normally on first call it goes in first block and after in in second till buffer changes. looks like if this.setVerticesBuffer is called in else block it fixes the issue (need just 1 call , any 1 of 4); For example: else { this.setVerticesBuffer(this._instancesBuffer.createVertexBuffer("world0", 0, 4)); instancesBuffer.updateDirectly(this._instancesData, 0, instancesCount); }
  8. Create instance issue on android

    @Deltakosh I changed hardwareInstancedRendering inside Mesh.prototype.render to false and objects appeared as they should.
  9. Create instance issue on android

    @Deltakosh No only on that android device
  10. Create instance issue on android

    @Deltakosh Ok found something new PG, on click on grey box 2 objects should be added, but after second click only red cylinders are added, but if I zoom camera so that meshes leave camera viewport and than zoom back , all meshes are visible, What happens when mesh leaves camera viewport and come back? is there some revalidation happening? could be so that at point it is added something is not ready yet ?
  11. Create instance issue on android

    @Deltakosh It looks like some rendering issue with instances, as if I start to rotate camera (arcrotate camera), these invisible meshes start to appear and disappear randomly (probably depending on camera viewport). So they are created correctly but just are not rendered always. could be some check in renderer that prevents update ?
  12. Create instance issue on android

    Yes it can be reproduced with some older android devices. webgl version : {vendor: "Qualcomm", renderer: "Adreno (TM) 320", version: "WebGL 1.0 (OpenGL ES 2.0 Chromium)"}
  13. Create Box in Function

    @Bricktheworld Hi, You mean like this? PG You can use MeshBuilder to create specific geometries.
  14. Create instance issue on android

    In my project instances that were added also were not re-rendered (position and rotation was changed but visually it was the same)
  15. Hi, I have issue that elements created with createInstance sometimes don't show up on screen but exist in memory. I managed to make small PG to show issue. There 2 objects are initialised on click. On first click both instances appear but on next one only second instance appear, after many clicks all instances appear. Sometimes helps to change camera angle to see all meshes. Device: Galaxy S4 OS: Android 4.4.2 Browser: Chrome 59.0.3071.125 I have seen similar issue also on desktop devices, that instanced meshes disappear and appear back on camera rotation, but that I couldn't reproduce in PG yet.