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  1. PBR in 3d max

    Is to possible to set up scene environmentTexture inside 3d max so PBR in 3d max preview can use it for reflection map ?
  2. Playground editor cursor mis-aligned in Chrome

    Have same issue on macOS chrome, works fine in safari
  3. PBR in 3d max

    Ok how i can set pbr material inside 3d max?
  4. PBR in 3d max

    Hi, Some time ago I saw that 3d max export got PBR support, is that right? Any information available on it? (already usable , how to use). Alos will there be why to set global reflection texture on scene, so preview in 3d max will use it? Thanks for great work.
  5. GlassMaterial

    Really nice !!! Is it only for Webgl 2.0? as it doesn't work in Mac Safari.
  6. Starfield demo broken

    @Deltakosh confirmed
  7. Starfield demo broken

    Looks like starfield demo is broken Uncaught ReferenceError: __extends is not defined at babylon.starfieldProceduralTexture.min.js:1 at BABYLON (babylon.starfieldProceduralTexture.min.js:1) at babylon.starfieldProceduralTexture.min.js:1 loaderCustoms.js:29 Uncaught TypeError: BABYLON.Engine is not a constructor at loaderCustoms.js:29
  8. ParticleSystem and manualEmitCount

    @Deltakosh Thanks
  9. Issue with node babylonjs

    @ArteYou are Welcome
  10. Issue with node babylonjs

    Hi I thinks its because you need headless version to run it on server. There is ticket for that. On server window and window.location are not set, so it breaks.
  11. Hi, when manualEmitCount is set on ParticleSystem it rendered only one wave of particles, is that desired behaviour? Looking in code I found that if manualEmitCount > -1 than its set to 0 so next time 0 particles are emitted. PG
  12. Particle system customisation

    @MackeyK24 Thx I will take a look
  13. Particle system customisation

    @Wingnut yes color was first I tried Problem with custom update function is that all props in it are private, so you cant use them in TS
  14. Hi, I created particle system to add some particles in the game but couldn't find a way to blend particles in (now they just appear immediately and than start to blend and move). Is there any why to to it that I have missed ? As I checked code, looks like there is no direct way to do it as all methods are privet and colour is set on birth.