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  1. Hersir

    WebGL to Scorm

    @NRA sorry for super late answer, not sure how much experience you have with these systems so will explain as much as possible. 1) you will need to make project structure so it can be imported in Scorm/LMS (each of them have different one and for Scorm even version can affect), I ended up by creating node script that converted non Scorm/LMS project to correct structure, that you need to align with client or just check documentation for each (there are custom build as well) 2) you need to communicate with system api, here as well each type/version have differences, it good to make sort of adapter for each needed version As these system can be customised, embedded in different other systems, there is no way you can tell anything without trying out, but as I told already Scorm/LMS have no impact on that what can be used int them, but what is important, is html template used for system it self (once had issue that template was too old and it forced IE 8 version even if IE 9 was used). But all that can be sorted out with client server devs Best way for you if possible would be to create empty project and add hello world example with babylon to test it out. For scrom api this could be start as it supports both versions, but for project structure, best way is to have some example project from client. But from my experience with these system, get ready for lot of ping-pong with client till it will be ready (would suggest to create automation tasks as much as possible) So if possible ask for access to system so you can upload new versions to test out
  2. Hi, would like to propose some possible improvements for AssetsManager there are multiple tasks that can be added to manager, but I think would be nice to have general `addTask(task: AbstractAssetTask)` so custom tasks could be created and added to manager if needed. right now response in onSuccess can be just string or ArrayBuffer but I think it would be great to get back request object so there would be more control what to do on success. minor but I didnt found way to add mime types to loader, but that can be fixed on server side as well, so server always serves files with proper mime type I came across this when was trying to implement svg file loader task to load svg as document. Was quick to implement task but could not add it to mananger and it needed request.responseXML so had no acces to it For now used text file tasks and parse string using DomParser. So what other think about this ? Thanks
  3. Hersir

    WebGL to Scorm

    Hi, what is issue with them as should be normal browser, I have worked with these systems, usual issue was old version of browsers e.c
  4. Ok made working using @JohnK proposide solution, just added listener on parent for `onAfterWorldMatrixUpdateObservable`, cached scaling and looped through children and applied scale fix. Just 1 thing is that children can be rotated, any good ways to apply proper scaling on rotated meshes, as axes are fliped, on way what I thought was to wrap them in transform node that is not rotated and scale it but maybe there are other means to calculate proper scaling for rotated meshes ? Big thank for help
  5. @JohnKYes, you are right, (should chose words more careful), looks close to what, need, will see how I can automate it, as I have approx 60 such children and need to animate parent scaling, so children will need to be updated during animation.
  6. @JohnK thanks for input, but looks like I have not explained correctly, I needed to scale parent lets say for (4, 2, 2) but child would scale all sides by 2 (min scale) and would remain square box not becoming rectangle box, like in my POC
  7. Made some POC here just position is off (moved up from plane)
  8. But looks like PEP is doing it already, so could be some issues on their side as well, will try to debug PEP a bit
  9. Ok looks like it desired behaviour of the android if `e.preventDefault` is not used int he touchmove event
  10. @brianzinn Hey, yes I use ` <canvas... touch-action="none"/> and jquery PEP` for pointer events, but pointer up is registered in window in babylonjs engine not sure if that can impact PEP. Then use observable from engine to listen to pointer events. Technically you can have 2 down events as you can press 2 fingers on the device, but each down event should trigger up. But really can nit find why android is canceling these events.
  11. Hey @Deltakosh, by that I mean if there is square plane with scaling (1,1,1) and it has child square box scale (1,1,1), if plane is scaled box should still be square so it should react to changes on both axes (x,z) if just 1 axis is scaled it should not change. Have small PG with example, if commented line is added, child box should still be square (scaled by smallest world scale ratio from x,z ?)
  12. Hi, trying to achieve mesh scaling from parent but with maintained aspect ratio, so if parent is scaled, child mesh will scale together but will maintain aspect ratio. would it be possible to do that by overriding `computeWorldMatrix` or there is better way to override default scaling behaviour ? I tried to override `_afterComputeWorldMatrix` to update world and local matrix, but no luck , probably doing something totally wrong protected _afterComputeWorldMatrix() { super._afterComputeWorldMatrix(); const min = Math.min(this._worldMatrix.m[0], this._worldMatrix.m[10]); this._worldMatrix.m[0] = min; this._worldMatrix.m[10] = min; this._localWorld.m[0] = min; this._localWorld.m[10] = min; } thanks for any hint
  13. Hi, noticed issue with pointer up event on onPointerObservable for some android devices, looks like sometimes pointer up is not triggered just pointerDown and pointerCancel. So `totalPointersPressed` is counting up and is not lowered. Not sure if we can fix that on babylonjs side, as my fix was to add cancel listener to window and call onPointerUp there, it works but could lead to different issues, as click is triggered without releasing finger from the screen for example. I have seen it very rarely on newer devices as well but on this android it repeats every second click. Device: Android 5.1.1, Galaxy Note 4, Stock browser (Internet) Maybe someone have some ideas what could be done there, without breaking it for rest of the devices.
  14. @Deltakosh this issue is fixed with `engine.disableTextureBindingOptimization = true` as you suggested here
  15. Also it fixed this issue as well