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  1. Android wise it's fairly simple... If you use Basic4Android - there is a free demo version which you can try out. A 2 year licence (so upgrades for 2 years) is $119 I think. https://www.b4x.com/b4a.html Then literally follow the steps on that page. Installation 1. Java JDK v8 Open the Java 8 JDK download link. Check the Accept License Agreement button. Select "Windows x86 (32-bit) or Windows x64" in the platforms list. Download the file and install it. 2. Android SDK Download Android SDK. Install the SDK. The SDK doesn't work properly when it is installed in a path with spaces (like "Program Files"). It is recommended to install it to a custom folder similar to C:\Android. Install Android SDK Tools, Android SDK Platform-Tools, Android SDK Build-tools (v23.0.3 is recommended), Android Support Repository, Google Repository and at least one platform (see the image below). Use API 14 or above. You can also install Google USB Driver if you need to connect a physical device with USB. A list of other drivers is available here. 3. B4A Download B4A Trial Version Open B4A. Choose Tools > Configure Paths. Use the Browse button to locate "javac.exe" and "android.jar" Then you are 'good to go'... For Babylonjs 'just' create an App such as this, https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/simple-html5-app-wrapper.42875/ So the App wraps HTML5 calls, using some libraries - although these are only available to licensed Users... There is an App in there which you can view - but it is mega simple and should show the steps required... Within the App itself you 'just' load the URL or file with the HTML in it.. the rest should be the same as per normal babylonjs projects. I'll try and 'showcase' my game once it's in a more useable state to show what's possible.. - sorry I've been a bit busy with actual real work.
  2. eps

    Playground on mac safari

    Quite. Although as mentioned it does work initially - but as soon as you press Run it then stops working. I've attached a log from the initial time, with it working and then the start of the log once it goes wrong... There's a lot of output once it does go wrong. I guess the question Hersir was raising was why does it work initially and then not work when Run is pressed? Something is different.
  3. eps

    Playground on mac safari

    I've 'only' upgraded Safari, not the OS but I get a blank screen - just like Hersir. I've attached a screen grab, showing the errors I now get... I'm going to restore my machine now..!
  4. eps

    Playground on mac safari

    I'll try upgrading Safari only first - I may have to upgrade the OS as well... As I'm only on Yosemite which is 10.10.5 As mentioned I started to avoid upgrading my Mac once it became apparent that El Capitan (10.11) was breaking lots of stuff...
  5. eps

    Playground on mac safari

    Maybe... give me a few mins, I'll time machine my Macbook and then upgrade Safari to the same version as Hersir...
  6. eps

    Playground on mac safari

    I can test - but I've had no problems with the playground. Although I have intentionally kept my OS a few steps back - as the latest ones seem to be quite buggy. i.e. I'm on Safari 10.0.3 El Capitan was a bit of a joke - it brought my Macbook to a grinding halt - thankfully I 'time machined' it before I upgraded..
  7. Do you mean how to package a BJS application using Basic4Android?
  8. Quick update, I switched to PEP and retried my App - way better! and it can detect multiple touch events Fantastic! Another hurdle cleared - just need to tweak the sensitivity and I will be well on my way.
  9. Hi David, Sorry - we've been away over Easter, so I've not had a chance to respond earlier. Many thanks for taking the time to respond, it's really appreciated. I must admit I'm not entirely sure how the events are being handled.. I thought it was hand.js as I was referencing this, but I removed the reference to this library and the code still executed correctly - then I thought I'd read somewhere that VirtualJoystick (or perhaps VirtualJoystickCamera?) had been rewritten at some point to take advantage of PEP anyway... I need to investigate a little more, although I have been investigating other control options as well, but the VirtualJoystick seemed to work so well. I may well try V3 BabylonJS to see if there are improvements, but I'm not convinced that it isn't something to do with the ChromeClient that I'm using. I need to improve my understanding in this area. Merci! Phil
  10. Cheers - I'm using the latest implementation (should have said) - it just seemed that 'Android' issues were being discussed - I wondered if anyone had succesfully used the VirtualJoystick in this way with Android and Webviews.. I've asked on my Android Forum - but I guess that they'd say "we don't know babylonjs ask there..." etc..
  11. Hi David, That is really interesting! I use Basic4Android (www.b4x.com) to develop Android Apps - it works really well and have been looking to use Babylonjs to create a game. To join the two together I've used a Webview and this works but I have a slight issue when trying to process the input from a VirtualJoystick (not Camera) - does anyone have experience of this? Basically the VirtualJoystick intercepts PointerDown events and also part of the onPointerMove Events but it seems to lose focus of the onPointerMove Event and then you have to remove your finger from the screen and then reapply it to the screen and re-swipe or move.. This doesn't seem correct - can anyone give any help about trying to track down if the issue is with the Webview or with Babylonjs... I'm using version 2.4 of Babylonjs. Cheers!
  12. Cheers, many thanks @Deltakosh ! Merci beaucoup!
  13. Hmm.. This change seems to resolve my issues http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/index2_5.html#1GYLOL#0
  14. Hi I'm a bit stumped with an issue - I think I may well be approaching this from the wrong way though... I am looking to make a game in which the player shoots a bullet at moving targets.. Quite simple. But the collision detection and removal of those items hit seems to go wrong for me. I've tried using a playground version of the code as well, but it performs differently to the code I have on my machine. It would be great it someone with more babylonjs experience could at least point me in the right direction and possibly also point out the bits of the code which I'm using incorrectly. Playground is here : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XAACN#0 Although when using it on my machine it works a lot better - having a particle explosion and doesn't necessarily stop at the first 'hit' and for some reason within the Playground it only allows me to have 2 'bullets' whereas on my machine it has the correct number 5. What I am trying to do is produce an array (possibly my first mistake in babylonjs!) of aliens and then get the player to shoot them - the bullets are each checked to see if they have hit a target and so on... I realise some of this processing is costly - so am happy for the code or approach to be ripped apart. Cheers
  15. I have an issue with Object to Object Collisions as well... Hmm.. Although my code, I think detects a collision and then re-detects the collision.. Actually I think I should be using this : I'll have to go away and give it a go.