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  1. Hi , I create a scene using tube mesh, tube mesh is created using live web socket data. Its working fine at initial stage,BUT after some time (15 to 20 min) FPS going down,Initially get around 50 to 55 fps and after 15 to 20min its down 25 to 30 fps. Can anyone help me to get out from such a issue.
  2. I have on transparent Image "abc.png" and i want to use this image as a materialSphere1.diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.Texture("abc.png", scene); But not apply transparent image properly. Is it possible to use transparent image as a texture ???
  3. Thanks @adam and @Wingnut for helping me to come out from my problem.....
  4. I created one tube using path array of different point. Now i want to display all the point that is used to create a tube with some black dots. how can i do this???
  5. Thank you so much @Deltakosh and @Wingnut for helping me...!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks @Wingnut and @Nockawa both of you for helping me....I resolved my problem. Thanks a lot...
  7. Hi @Deltakosh My Playground scene is like : Now in this scene i fill Ellipse background with fill: BABYLON.Canvas2D.GetGradientColorBrush(new BABYLON.Color4(0.7, 0.5, 0.9, 0), new BABYLON.Color4(0.5, .5, .5, .3)); Is it possible to fill background with some image ?? I want to set some image as a background image for sphere and within 2D Ellipse.
  8. Using ScreenSpaceCanvas2D i draw one Ellipse2D around my mesh. Now i want to set its property such a way that when windows size is changes Ellipse position respect to mesh remain same.some thing like responsive. Please help me...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks @Deltakosh for reply. I draw Ellipse2D using ScreenSpaceCanvas2D so 50% of my problem solved. Now i fill that Ellipse with some color :- fill: BABYLON.Canvas2D.GetSolidColorBrushFromHex("#0000FF80"); Its working fine. But now i want to fill that Ellipse with some image not with a color !! I want to set some image as a background of Ellipse. Is it possible ??
  10. I draw some shapes using different mashes. Now i want to draw a circle around this shapes and apply some image to that circle so my shapes display upon that image. Simply say set some portion as a background of my shapes and apply some image to that background with circle shape. Suppose rectangle is my canvas, "t" is my 3Dshape that i draw using meshes now i want to draw circle around shape and apply some transparent image to that circle so image show like a background image.
  11. I have 20 meshes, By connecting each other i make one object and apply rotation to some mashes. Its working fine. Now i want to change position of all meshes dynamically (As per i got a data from server Ex. x = 2 and y = 3 than move all meshes in x and y direction from current position). I set one parent mesh for all 20 meshes and set position of parent mesh but when i set position of parent mesh its set position of only rotated meshes. static meshes's positons are not change. var parentMesh = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateBox('pmesh',50, scene); parentMesh.isVisible = false; for (i = 0; i < a1.length; i++) { a1.parent = parentMesh; } First add all meshes in array a1. parentMesh.position.x = a; parentMesh.position.y = b; But issue is not apply position change effect to all meshes, few meshes position is as it is not change. Please help me out of this issue....!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Sorry but i am still confuse, not any above solution work properly.. If any one have a idea than please help me...!!!!
  13. I am update the tube mesh as data come from server, when i get new vector array from server i update the mesh. So if some point is out of some range than display some different color for connecting such a point. If vector value for x around 2 and in some time if i got x value around 5 for some points than i want to draw RED color tube mesh for such a connecting point.
  14. I create a tube mesh using many vector array. Now i want to apply different color or texture to tube such as Example : If there are 10point that make a tube than from point 1 to point 3 red color, point 3 to point 7 green color and from 7 to 10 blue color so at last i got a tube with three color. plzz help me..!!
  15. Thanks @Dad72 , Its working....!!!!