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  1. ozogames

    HTML5 Game Portals

    I hear www.ozogames.com is quite good :-D
  2. ozogames

    Squares Vs Circles - Mobile Puzzle Game

    Really like the simplicity and ease of it. Great game. Yes, please add more levels. Once you're done and if you allow I'd love to embed it one my site ozogames. com Keep it up. PS- really like the background- really relaxing
  3. ozogames

    Squares Vs Circles - Mobile Puzzle Game

    So so sorry. I thought the circle was supposed to win. My mistake.
  4. ozogames

    Squares Vs Circles - Mobile Puzzle Game

    Very polished and smooth. But I can't go past level 1. I keep losing as there is no other way to make the circle move except by tapping the square. Great potential though. Just needs editing and improvements
  5. ozogames

    Skate Hooligans

    You're welcome
  6. ozogames

    PirateBattle.io - New IO Game

    Awesome Game. did you use godot engine to make the game?
  7. ozogames

    Skate Hooligans

    Awesome game. Had a lot of fun playing. I laugh everytime the player goes splat on the screen when hit by a bus. Fun fun game. I have added it to my site ozogames- http://ozogames.com/skate-hooligans.html Thank You
  8. I have an online games site- ozogames dot com and I am alloting one spot in my front page for any game (must be responsive). Site gets 150uv a day. 15$ for 30 days. Here is where your game will be-
  9. If you would like it, I wouldlove to embed the mario bros game on my online games site ozogames.com