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  1. Faraon , platforms, mummies, deaths ... All in one click.

    Fun! Some levels unbalanced but fun!
  2. [WIP] Rogue Fable II

    Awesome! Accurate appearance, fun gameplay. Android version?
  3. Good game.
  4. Pixel Cave [roguelike]

    Good game! Have you plan native android version? And statuses "Paralyzed" "Fire" need some kind of visible timer.
  5. Axhogen - Now on GooglePlay

    Congrats with first completed project!
  6. VEmpire - Kings of Darkness, Deck-building Game

    Graphics very good!
  7. [Phaser] Little Plane

    I love you art style! Good game.
  8. Halloween Tavern

    Hi. I am indie dev and want present my game to you. This is simple arcade on Halloween theme. Please carefully read ingame tutorial before play. See HTML5 version at itch.io Download at Google Play Game done with DefoldEngine, other used software: Krita, Shoebox, Audacity. Also present builds for win, linux, android. Supported language: eng, ru, de, fr. More games come in 2 month. Thanks! Have a nice day.