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  1. Great. Thank you very much for the working snippet and advise.
  2. Hello to all coders, I need to add same styling to multiple elements/variables. How i can write the code/syntax in Phaser so i do that with one line of code not 100s lines for same thing. For example basicTableJackpotSymbolOn.alpha = 0; game.add.tween(basicTableJackpotSymbolOff).to({alpha: 1}, 500, "Linear", true); basicTableBarSymbolOn.alpha = 0; game.add.tween(basicTableBarSymbolOff).to({alpha: 1}, 500, "Linear", true); basicTableMelonSymbolOn.alpha = 0; basicBetYellowRectV2N3Point.fill = '#999999'; basicBetYellowRectV2N4Point.fill = '#999999'; basicBetYellowRectV2N5Point.fill = '#999999'; basicBetYellowRectV2N6Point.fill = '#999999'; Thanks in advance.
  3. Creating a slot game

    Hey @illscode, Am also a beginner in creating slot machine with Phaser. I found this thread and your above code which is quite good. Am only not managing to see the spinning animation. Can you please help me out with it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Custom font works oddly with game.add.text

    Hey jackrugile hello. Thank you for the working solution. It was a timesaver for me.
  5. Align text to the center vertically

    Hello, Am trying to get this type of outlined box as you have above. Can you please help me with advise how you achieved this result? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, Am building my first game with Phaser and am a beginner. Am trying to code the grid which i attached. I have read some articles about the grids in phaser and at some articles was suggested to create it in html and position it over the canvas but in that way i will have issues with resizing. Also i cant have it as one whole image cause i have animations on each winning case which highlights the win symbol and its points. Any ideas how i can achieve this type of grids creation? Thanks.
  7. Create a Slot machine game with Phaser.js

    Am not asking how to code. Am just asking for a guide cause am a beginner in this area and wanna learn.
  8. Create a Slot machine game with Phaser.js

    Thank you for the answer @spinnerbox. So what you think with what i can start with? Am a beginner and don't know about the scenes can you please detail why 3 scenes? And will it possible to create the game with the design i attached without issues with canvas limitations? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello to everyone, I am new to Phaser.js and wanna create a Slot machine game with it as i requested to create the flash game in html5 canvas. After research i understand that is better to use either Pixi.js or Phaser.js framework. I have read the Phaser Getting started guide and did the small game with the tutorial but need some help, guide for my Real game. Am attaching a screenshot with game view. I need something to start with, like the structure and other stuff. Are there any limitations from the design point? ANy help is appreciated from game gurus. Thanks in advance.