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  1. renjianfeng

    A better way to achieve volume light

    Great work. This effect is all up to expectations.
  2. renjianfeng

    A better way to achieve volume light

    Yes, a good idea, but if the moving object in the scene, the volume of light may need to be generated dynamically. It's like a shadow.
  3. renjianfeng

    A better way to achieve volume light

    Superman, please start your work.
  4. What better way to achieve this effect?VolumetricLightScatteringPostProcess may not be able to achieve such effect,I noticed that The standard pipeline can be used, but The standard pipeline has very low FPS .Do you have any better Suggestions?
  5. renjianfeng

    default rendering pipeline and TerrainMaterial

    If the default rendering pipeline is not used, TerrainMaterial and StandardMaterial materials will return the same effect:
  6. When using TerrainMaterial, I added the default rendering pipeline. TerrainMaterial and StandardMaterial showed different effects under the same parameters. Is that expected? , the same problem appears on the WaterMaterial.
  7. Particle system default release particles element position coordinates for the world, when I quick update the particle's position, appeared a lot of space between the particles, the I realize some effect is not ideal, such as high-speed mobile rocket plume, is it possible to make the particle set a parent? Let the particle calculate its position in terms of local coordinates, right?
  8. renjianfeng


    I like this style of game very much, beautiful!
  9. renjianfeng

    Dancing in tracksuit pants

    Good performance and effect!
  10. I now use HTML + CSS to scroll through pages. I want to implement it through the GUI. Is the GUI planning to add this functionality?
  11. Now there are two more game scenarios where you can choose the terrain you like!
  12. Hi, I've edited it!
  13. renjianfeng

    PCOL: billiards game made with babylonjs

  14. Can I submit it later? I want to improve its function.