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  1. We are looking for Phaser developers

    Thanks Hektor, I am processing the details and will update you with my findings asap. Best regards, Scott W.
  2. We are looking for Phaser developers

    Dear Hektor, I will love to work with you , please check your inbox and lets get connected. Best regards, Scott W.
  3. Need Developer for Simple HTML5 App...

    Hello Matt, I would love to assist you for your HTML 5 app as per your description, please check your PM box. Have sent you an email with details as well. Waiting for your response. Best regards, Scott W.
  4. Hi, I am interested and happily available , please send me details and designs at scott(dot)cisin20@gmail(dot)com Have hands on experience and will love to work with you. Best regards, Scott W.
  5. Looking for a dev

    Hello Petr Fojtík, I am Scott Walter. Thank you for posting your requirement. I would like to assist you. Please check your PM box for more details. Thank you. Best regards, Scott Walter