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  1. I notice most online games don't have a background music when playing. Even if they do, it is only in menu. Will music make the game more fun? Or will it have negative effects? Like when the user is bored of the music and then he may think that he is bored of the game.
  2. leonylyner

    .io ending of multiplayer games

    Now it's not cheap anymore, but it was cheap. Take note of the comment post date.
  3. leonylyner


    Thanks, I fixed the link.
  4. leonylyner


    This is a multiplayer shooter .io game. I only added the basic stuff, but I plan to add things like weapons, armor, monsters later. Server seems slow, I am using Heroku, I don't know if I should use another server host. Feel free to comment and send your opinions. http://shootz.io
  5. leonylyner


    Nice game! It might be better if the shield is half-circle instead of full circle.
  6. leonylyner


    Thanks. I actually enlarged the map a bit since first version, but I was scared if the map is too big but there are too few players, it will take too long for them to meet each other. :/
  7. leonylyner

    Y8 is Publishing HTML5 games

    I did, I pressed the Submit button but nothing happens.
  8. leonylyner


    An .io game built in spare time for my learning. There are not much features at the moment, only the basics, but the multiplayer server is working fine. Feel free to comment and send your opinions. http://swordz.io
  9. leonylyner

    Y8 is Publishing HTML5 games

    The submit page in Y8 doesn't work.
  10. leonylyner

    BlackMass.io - Multiplayer ARPG / Bullet Hell

    I can't create an account, it says Username Taken for every username.
  11. leonylyner

    Elevator Space - simple timekiller

    Really creative idea and fun game play. It would be better if the "Retry" button is bigger or there is some sort of notification after you lose. (I don't know if I am stupid or what) But I waited for like 30 seconds and watched the structure rotating and waiting for some sort of Retry message. And finally I realised there's a Retry button on bottom. :/
  12. leonylyner

    Help on reviewing this game

    Mechanics is smooth and background music is good. But I think the game play might be too plain, adding power-ups, abilities or monsters might be better.
  13. leonylyner

    .io ending of multiplayer games

    1. Cheap. 2. Take advantage of the current hot .io trends. Because if you compare the popularity between web games and io games, you will notice that io games has been rising drastically. https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=web games,io games
  14. leonylyner


    Nice graphics and physics is kinda smooth, but need a better select-name interface and general in-game interface. PS: It would also be better if ships can move faster, more fast-pacing gameplay.
  15. leonylyner

    HTML5 Game Portals

    Please add: armorgames.com (Traditional Flash Portal) gleamplay.com (Multiplayer HTML5 and Flash Games Portal) crazygames.com (Flash+HTML5)