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  1. Noel, Do we have a time frame on when we might be getting Individual Verification? Thanks.
  2. I'd like to hear if you manage to get anywhere, cause I can't find any decent contact information... Only relaying stuff through Noel to get any kind of feedback at the moment, and i'm sure he answers a majority of issues. I thought i saw a post recently about Individual Verification coming soon, but i can't find it anywhere any more, so dont know if its been removed, or if i just dreamed it. But yeah, i'm kinda stuck at the moment with our game ready to go, but needing the last hurdle of verification to move forward
  3. Thanks Noel, I have now contacted the Audience Network, and hopefully will get a reply. And yes, the appealing process is that one you suggested (which I should hear from this week). I'm hoping that the issue is that I set it all up before I got the review, and now that the review has passed, hoping the audience network will be ok. Cheers.
  4. My App ID is 263154244429285 I'm basically getting confused about the whole situation of getting a game live. I know there is a new Individual Form to fill in coming in the next few weeks (i think i read from your article). The game has been reviewed and passed, great, i can also play with people that I invite, and they also will see the adverts. But when i look at the Monetisation Manager, it says that the traffic is blocked whilst its in appeal (but still shows ads). Unless i have the wrong end of the stick and it is working fine. The only thing i guess before i launch is to do the Business Verification (as an Individual) which i'll have to wait for.. Thanks.
  5. I have a game made, and have included Reward Adverts and/or Interstitual into the game. I can see them when I play the game, but its saying in the review that 'the traffic has been blocked'. Does this mean that the adverts won't show for people? Do I need to be Business Verified in order to use the Adverts for monetisation?
  6. o0Corps0o

    FBInstant.context Clearing Player

    In the end I didn't change the context.. I just made a work around, so if it errored with the same context, i just wouldn't change it and go back to the game. (Or send it somewhere else if need be, but this would be all done in the 'catch' part if a new context couldn't be created for whatever reason). Hope that helps..
  7. o0Corps0o

    External Links from Instant Game

    Thanks for clearing this up, its what i thought, just wanted to be sure. Cheers
  8. I'm assuming this is not possible, But just seeing if anyone has done it, (although it probably breaks some terms and conditions) I've got adverts running (on mobile), but on desktop i just want to show a couple of our own adverts, and i wanted to add links to websites from it. But its blocked opening in sandboxed frame. If not possible, no worries, i'll just advertise like a billboard with no links.
  9. o0Corps0o

    FBInstant.context Clearing Player

    Was there any updates or news about being able to switch to a solo context?
  10. o0Corps0o

    FBInstant.context Clearing Player

    Thanks, it'll be good to know, cause i can see this being a handy function
  11. o0Corps0o

    FBInstant.context Clearing Player

    Great answer this is what i was looking for.. i just wasn't sure how to access it.. (ie. blanks values etc).. I will give it a shot today! Thanks! I've tried to add this in to the game to try get it back to SOLO context.. but when i try this i get an error: "INVALID_PARAM, At least one player id besides the current player'smust be provided. " I will try switchAsync... *Nope same kind of error "Invalid context id for player"
  12. Hiya, I've made a 1v1 game but I would like it so that when a player has taken a turn, instead of quiting out of the game, I would like it to return to the main menu so they have the option of choosing to play someone else. Is there a way of clearing the context, or changing it so that the opponent doesn't keep getting picked up? Can I just use switchAsync('') or context.createAsync('') and apply a blank value? I tried FBInstant.endGameAsync() but i think this is old and doesn't work any more... Do I have to initialise the game everytime? *Never mind, i've just rewrote my Main Menu code.. but would still be good to know if you can clean out an async*
  13. Hey JJ, long time no see Here is a bit of code we use, and seems to work ok: var base64Picture = thumbnailImage; //this thumbnailImage is a large base64picture created online //update the message to player FBInstant.updateAsync({ action: 'CUSTOM', cta: 'Play', image: base64Picture, text: { default: facebookStuff.name + ' played their move', localizations: { en_US: facebookStuff.name + ' played their move', es_LA: '\u00A1' + facebookStuff.name + ' jug\u00F3 su jugada!' } }, template: 'play_turn', data: { myReplayData: '...' }, strategy: 'IMMEDIATE', notification: 'NO_PUSH' }).then(function() { // closes the game after the update is posted. consoleWrite("FBINSTANT Quit"); FBInstant.quit(); }); Don't know if you already got it sorted or not.. but may help.
  14. o0Corps0o

    Issue with FB Ads?

    Hi Noel, I was testing on my Samsung S9, but it seems to work now, I'm not sure why it suddenly started working. I submitted for review (the ads) and was declined, because it wasn't working and still had a load of debugging in the game. But since I did this, it started working.. So could just be that it doesn't work instantly? and you have to wait a few days for it to kick in maybe? I dont know.. But it works now. Just wish I knew what the issue was incase it happened again Thanks for the reply
  15. o0Corps0o

    Issue with FB Ads?

    Hi guys, I'm using Phaser 2 to build a Multiplayer FB game. We've got it pretty much working, but now we're trying to add Rewards/Interstitual Ads, However following the examples/tutorials the best I can, I keep getting and error "Client does not support the message: getinterstitialadasync" (Obviously if I try it with the reward ad code, it would be similar to this) Another example I tried (snippet): const INTERSTITIAL_PLACEMENT_ID = '***_***'; FBInstant.startGameAsync().then(function() { var supportedAPIs = FBInstant.getSupportedAPIs(); if (supportedAPIs.includes('getInterstitialAdAsync')){ displayError("Supported Interstitial API"); FBInstant.getInterstitialAdAsync( INTERSTITIAL_PLACEMENT_ID, // Variable set in scene ).then((interstitial) => { displayError('Interstitial video loading'); //console.log("LOADING INTERSTITIAL"); // Load the Ad asynchronously preloadedInterstitial = interstitial; return preloadedInterstitial.loadAsync(); }).then(function() { displayError("INTERSTITIAL LOADED"); }).catch(function(err){ displayError("INTERSTITIAL FAILED TO LOAD " + err); }); } else { displayError('Insterstitial Ads not supported'); } If I use this code above the supportedAPIs.includes('getInterstitialAdAsyn') also fails. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.