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  1. titotu

    [Early beta] Day Job: Choose your own adventure game

    Would agree, if the game allows to play without saving anything permanently, it should have guest play. I couldn't even try the game.
  2. titotu

    Fallgate – A tiny 2D adventure game

    this is what I have
  3. titotu

    Katan.io - Play Free Online Settlers of Catan

    Great job! Is it just an online version of original Catan or has some unique features?
  4. titotu

    Zombie hunters arena

    The link got puny-encoded, needs to be fixed
  5. titotu

    Vive le Roi! (Long live the King!)

    Do you have embeddable version?
  6. titotu

    Multiplayer typing game

    what do you mean?
  7. It got shut down as many other games
  8. titotu

    Monetizing a web game

    Hi, apply for adsense, 20-30 players should not be a problem + you can try video ads from Adinplay or similar reseller
  9. titotu

    popsic.io Alpha

    it's better now
  10. titotu

    popsic.io Alpha

    It lags as hell
  11. titotu

    DogfightX.com new html5 game

    Hi, seems you keep updating the game. Looks great!
  12. titotu

    VikingsVillage.io - Multiplayer brawler

    Had a lot of fun playing) Some updates/upgrades and new locations would be great
  13. Yeah, also didn't get the rules. The game looks like those canvas painting games, but as I understood has a bit different rules. Add some tutorial, tips and etc.