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  1. snowbillr

    Generic platformer boilerplate

    This entry in the changelog explains what the WEBGL_RENDERER and CANVAS_RENDERER flags are used for: (and that they've in fact changed with Phaser 3.7.1). TL;DR When building Phaser yourself you can include/exclude the two renderers with those flags. So if your game only ever runs in Canvas mode, you can exclude the WebGL renderer to reduce your file size.
  2. snowbillr

    Flipping the sprites of a group

    You'd have to set the property on all of them individually. `this.myGroup.children.each(entity => entity.flipX = true)`
  3. snowbillr

    Tilemap problem

    This is an issue that's due to how the renderer draws tiles to the screen. See
  4. Kind of a convoluted example of this can be found here\scenes\change scene from create es6.js. It loads some assets in SceneA and then creates them in SceneD.
  5. snowbillr

    Image Animation loading progress

    Sounds like you want to play an animation during a Loading scene, and then transition to a different scene once all the loading has completed. You can load a spritesheet for the gear before a Scene starts using the scene's config object (see\scenes\scene files payload.js) and use that in a Loading scene. Then once everything has loaded (i.e. the `create` function of your scene gets called) you can switch to a new scene (like this\scenes\change scene from create.js).
  6. snowbillr

    UI Elements on Phaser 3

    This tutorial isn't for creating a log in screen, but it is for creating an HTML overlay for your game: So not exactly what you are looking for but it has the same concept.
  7. snowbillr

    UI Elements on Phaser 3

    You could either create your own buttons and text inputs using Phaser's GameObjects and input events, or you could layer some HTML elements over your game and use HTML/CSS/JS to create your log in form. As far as accounts and authentication goes, you'll need to have a server running that holds all that information and logic. This isn't a small task.
  8. snowbillr

    Passing Phaser's game object to a class

    FWIW in Phaser 3 you really shouldn't need to use the `game` object at all. Almost everything you do to interact with Phaser should be through your Scene's instance.
  9. snowbillr

    Sprite.update() method is never called and talk about this issue in more detail
  10. snowbillr

    Is web camera access is possible in phaser 3?

    Phaser 3 is just JavaScript that runs in a user's browser. You can call whatever JavaScript APIs you want in your code. I don't think Phaser 3 provides its own API to access a webcam, but you can hook into the native browser functionality yourself. Take a look at for an example of how to do so.
  11. snowbillr

    Parenting to sprites

    Expanding on @kollehel's answer a little bit, there is no `parent` or `addChild` parts of a Sprite anymore.
  12. snowbillr

    Angular 5 CLI Integration

    Can you use a separate webpack config for the phaser bundle, and load that in via its own `<script>` tag? The main app's bundle and the game are very separate, there really isn't any need to go through pain to get them to bundle together.
  13. snowbillr

    onInputDown shenanigans

    Phaser 3 has a different API than Phaser 2 did for interacting with game objects. Take a look at the example here:\input\game object\on down event.js
  14. snowbillr

    Flappy Bird

    That's a really nice read! I love seeing well organized typescript projects, nice job!
  15. snowbillr

    TILED_JSON headache!

    This might be a relevant example for you -\game objects\tilemap\static\tiled-json-map.js