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  1. Phaser Input duplication bug?

    Every time I press enter after entering my nickname it creates a new player ingame. It should just allow it one time and then close the stage. Anyone that can help me? Full source is here: Retoosh.GuestNick = function (game) { = game; }; Retoosh.GuestNick.prototype = { create : function(){ var bg_group =; SOCKET.on("room found", Retoosh.Main.prototype.onRoomFound); //here wee put the background image. I chose to let it fill the background ?!? this.background =, 0, 'back_guest'); this.background.width = Retoosh.WIDTH; this.background.height = Retoosh.HEIGHT; this.background.x = 0; this.background.y = 0; this.background.inputEnabled = false;, this); bg_group.add(this.background); bg_group.scale.x = bg_group.scale.y; //Now wee append the login form var n = game.add.inputField(15, 300, { font: "36px", width: 369, padding: 9 }); var self = this; //wee are now append a key listener to catch enter ;), null, function(data) { if(data.keyCode != 13){ return; } if(!n.value.trim()){ //no value self.error("Please enter your nickname."); return; } USERNAME = CONFIG.guest_prefix + n.value.trim(); SOCKET.emit("room request", {name: USERNAME}); }, null); }, error : function(message){ var result_lbl =, 0, "", { font: "32px", fill: "#fa3e3e" }); result_lbl.x = 410; result_lbl.y = 310; result_lbl.text = message; }, eventListener : function(s){ } };
  2. Remove the state / Input ?

    Every time I enter ingame my player gets duplicated in the room. How can I refuse that state from being active ir that input in phaser? Please help me i'm really not a javascript expert.
  3. and how much he asks / hr?
  4. Game list of phaser games

    I'd like to see my game in this list Site: Bomberman Multiplayer game FREE & recreated. It was made by Jippii back in the days and we have full control to remake it. The community is growing allready without any promotion.
  5. Bomberman Multiplayer

    You're totally right, that's why we called it Sometimes I'm using bomberman as description or keywords just because it's a game based on bomberman. The only reason why I mention bomberman is for search engines. If people write: Play Bomberman Online, they should be redericted to our website. As long we don't call the game bomberman it should be no problem. Thanks for the feedback, hope you all like this multiplayer game! I see that many gaming review websites are promoting our game and we haven't promoted it yet. The fact they promote it is because they see some potential in this game
  6. Bomberman Multiplayer

    Bomberman Multiplayer Jippii Remake made with phaser. Play Bomberworld : Community: What is Bomberworld Multiplayer Online? The purpose of this game is to join in a room and eliminate your opponents by blowing up the brick walls and retrieving multiple items which gives you boost such as speed, larger bomb range, more bombs to trap your enemies, ... This game has core based mechanics. It's a massively online web browser game which holds eight players per room who fights each other to get on the top of the scoreboard. So we are building a community based game which will involve the players from the start with us and to develop the game in the future. Build the game with us! If there is a real interest and passion like ours to recreate the joys we all had on the old ''jippii'' website by playing this game again we will of course focus on building this game. As we go with your suggestions. Bomber world is based on MVP( Minimal Viable Product) because we want to see what people want in this game and make it the way the community wants it and not how we want it. Team effort, we do the heavy lifting you give us your needs and we will try our best to fulfill them. It's important that you all feel a part of this game from the beginning and we have a long road ahead of us. We will continue to update the game as we move forward. Hope you all enjoy and stay with us. Have fun and welcome!