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  1. Hi, I have developed a game using phaser js while the playing the game for 15 to 20 minutes continously it shows the error message "A problem occurred with this webpage, so it was reloaded." in iPad 4,iOS 9.2.1 , iPad Air, Nexus 7 , Android 6.0 but in Desktop its working fine.How to fix it? Can anyone help me... Thanks, Sakthi
  2. Hello, symof and dcgames thanks for your reply.... I have checked the in my Nexus 10 device (Android version 5.1.1) when the frames reaches below 30 fps it creates totally 17000 bunnies(Approx).So it is able to run the application with the speed of other devices or not? Thanks, Sakthi
  3. Hi, Anyone can provide the solution? Thanks in advance..
  4. Hi, I have developed a game using Phaser.js,it is very slow to play in Nexus 10 device(Chrome browser). But in other devices game is fast enough to play.Is there any way to speed up the game in the specific device. Can any one help me. Thanks, Sakthi.