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  1. KramSurfer

    Absolute User Camera Rotation

    Thank you. That is exactly what I was looking for.
  2. I have a need to know exactly how many times a user has rotated left or right, ideally it would just be a positive or negative float that i can divide by 2*pi I've noticed a variance in browsers and even session as the Y rotation value of the BABYLON.FreeCamera, sometimes it will go up into much higher 'rotation' values, but more often it stays between -3.14 and 3.14 Any ideas welcome. Thanks Keith R Morrison
  3. Attempting to do the same thing. But am unclear on the implementation. I looking to place a mesh under the mouse pointer at a z-depth of 40 relative to the camera. I have other selectable items beyond that depth, so putting a large plane or sprite and using a ray is not a good option. Thanks
  4. KramSurfer

    BJS 3.0 is packing on the pounds!

    Very cool concept. I like the above idea alot, where in development it creates a profile, then the release has just the needed items. Else even a little more break out of the bigger items and specific classes that are special use. VR, mobile device, or maybe some of the animation systems ( I know I'm not using in my current project ) would be helpful and would help lighten it. And remember to compare this to the Unity3D html5 export output to realize how awesome this is... :-)
  5. KramSurfer

    Rotation Values of DeviceOrientationCamera

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! From the Forums I see you're a big part of BabylonJS. I want to also say THANKS for you efforts in this. I'm new to the engine ( coming from Flash & Flare3D, run in installable AIR applications ) and this engine is very well thought out. I'm excited to create applications using this tech. Keith R Morrison
  6. KramSurfer

    How to add Transform Gizmo

    Post is perfect timing for me. I'll be using this as well.
  7. I have a web application that has a 'gaze selector' which is working fine, but I want to have the menus change context when the user is looking at higher X rotation value. When testing on the desktop the standard FreeCamera has rotation values which I can easily check. Then attaching a DeviceOrientiation camera, those rotation values are no longer updated. How can I get the simple rotation values of the DeviceOrientationCamera or VRDeviceOrientationCamera? Pulling my hair out here! Thanks. Keith R Morrison Edit: It appears scene.activeCamera.getWorldMatrix(); is changing value while moving the device. Is there a function to convert this to a x,y,z rotation?