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  1. Help to create app

    There are probably a hundred ways to do what you want. What are your constraints? Do you want it in native java code? You could use something like xamarin and do it in c#. If it is something simple you could also simply make a web app that you run on your phone. Code might looks something like this fiddle and you can turn it into a web app by simply saving it to your home screen.
  2. One Night to Survive

    This was pretty enjoyable. Some quick feed back, I failed on the last task, because i could not find access to the last area . After finding my friend the area seemed completely surrounded by trees on all sides? Also, If the player is too close to the boxes he can shoot them, it will consume bullets, but the box won't break. Also diagonally strafing displaces you twice the amount of distanceas walking straight which makes it super easy to out manuever the zombies. Lastly after finding 4 keys, it keeps flashing you have to kill something innocent right in the middle of the screen every second. Maybe slow down the blink rate, or have it on the side.
  3. If you are using php this is pretty simple. You use the dataTime object to check the system time . For example you have a function plantSeed() inside the function or object you just keep track of the date and time it was planted on as well as the state of the plant (seed, sprouting, blooming, harvestable). Then you need some kind of controller that checks at regular intervals if the state of the plant has changed. So after a day for example your controller will say PlantSeed was called 24 hours ago, change plant state to harvestable.
  4. HTML Wrapper to WindowApp

    That would be awesome, especially if the foot print is is considerably smaller than nwjs or electron.