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  1. Hi all, was just wondering if there was anyway of changing the anchor of the BitmapText child sprites (character sprites) without messing with the kerning? I've successfully got the characters animating with tweenmax, but for a rotation jiggle etc would be better from the center point! Any tips greatly appreciated
  2. sHAYM4N

    RenderTexture to PIXI.mesh.Rope

    Hi all, been trying to see if I could get a rope going with an animated RenderTexture, but had no luck so far with the texture not showing. The RenderTextures work fine with sprites. I've also tried casting to a PIXI.Texture first eg. var ropeTexture = new PIXI.Texture(renderTexture); and then passing that texture to the rope creation, but neither seem to work. Any help greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi all, been reworking a slot prototype to use offscreen rendering using RenderTexture, so far so good and performance seems a massive improvement, but having problems with Chrome on OSX with constant flickering on the stage. Windows and android both seem fine. Im using the app.renderer to render the textures, (not sure if a second renderer is required here?) Struggled to find much in the way of information on the best way to set a system up for this. Also noticed that the containers that are being rendered appear in the chrome pixi inspector extension as soon as they are rendered (but outside the stage) and remain there but not visible, is this the normal behavior? It almost seems that these are the cause of the flickering on OSX as it seems to be in blocks that match that pattern Any advice greatly appreciated!
  4. sHAYM4N

    Realtime winline effect

    brilliant many thanks, yeah have already used 9 slicing quite a bit so will go that route, probably little need of a filter as its a simple glow for now so will just bake it into the png. Thanks for the tips on the draw calls though - anyone come across a way of counting the draw calls in chrome? Tried a couple of webgl extensions but none seem to work with PIXI for me
  5. sHAYM4N

    Realtime winline effect

    Hi all, just after a bit of advice on how best to handle something like the realtime winlines below for a slot game... I currently have it working with PIXI Graphics line to based on the grid which works fine - but leaves little for styling. I've used the glow effect from PIXI-Filters, but that only seems to work on iOS and desktop (Android chrome on a Note 8 refuses to render the lines when the filter is enabled). In previous games I've used simple 9 sliced sprites rotated with different widths to join the sections - but not sure what other methods I could try out here? and which would be the best performance wise too? Thanks in advance!
  6. sHAYM4N

    CacheAsBitmap and reuse

    Thanks yeah, sorry presume you mean animatedSprite is better than using spines there? We've gone for spine really because the manequin atlas's can be a lot lighter than a 20-30 keyframed animation and mobile is our prime target. We're also using TweenMax for the reel animation. We have got something going now with just cacheAsBitmap by rendering the currentIcons + a list of random icons + newIcons which works pretty well, but creating the strip at runtime does delay the spin for a few milliseconds atm, so will see if we can optimise it somehow. I tried RenderTexture as @ivan.popelyshev suggested which worked to a point, but strangely it was duplicating the reels in the stage (though not on view) when it was sent to the rendererer to create the texture. Not sure if I was doing something wrong there or if that is the normal behavior and there is somewhere to clear it?
  7. sHAYM4N

    PIXI es6 & Babel

    Hi all After a few working projects in PIXI on es5, we're now starting to try and build a framework using es6 & babel. We have a boilerplate setup and have got the basics working, though it is slow. Because PIXI.js modules aren't decoupled, it takes a good 5 seconds+ on a simple project to recompile on each save & refresh the browser. I understand there is work possibly planned for V5 on this, but are there any workarounds in the meantime anyone has found to make the workflow a little quicker? Thanks in advance!
  8. sHAYM4N

    CacheAsBitmap and reuse

    Hi all Im working on a new slot prototype and had a bit of a thought about creating reelstrips to use for different animations, and just wanting a little advice on best approach. Because I've had problems caching the spines as bitmaps for the reel drops had a different idea to it. At the moment I'm using spines for the icons, what I would like to do is have a function that generates a random strip (of any length passed of the icons - add the landing icons to the end of the strip - positioned the same as they would be in the reels, cache it as a bitmap and destroy the icons - then use the animated strip for the animation. Thought to have the animated icons static and hidden in the reels. Instead of animating them on the reel drops use the generated reel strips if that makes sense? This way I can make a robust spin function that can work at different speeds loops etc? Reason I would rather do it in game rather than manually via photoshop is I can reuse it for different icons, games can tweak and the strips would update to match? Presume filters would run better as well with this approach rather than directly on spines? To reuse presuming I would have to save out as a png using canvas to image - or would this idea be way too much overhead? Also would the pngs then need to be readded to the pixi loader or would they be already accessible somewhere? It wouldnt be run during the game, only at startup behind the scenes I think. Just starting out with it now, so any advice greatly appreciated!
  9. That's brilliant thanks @ivan.popelyshev will take a look at this later today
  10. Hi all, just polishing off another pixi based game. Another one for mobile, so looking now to see if we can scale back some of the effects when using canvas for the lower end devices. I'll be dropping out particle effects, and a lot of the animations as it's rendering a bit slow atm, but one issue I've come across is with spine meshes. To save load time I've designed some assets to be flipped, but have noticed the mesh wireframes are visible on all those that are flipped. eg. grave.scale.set(-1,1); This is only visible on canvas (webGL is perfectly fine). Anyone know if there is a quick fix for this, or reckon I will have to duplicate the spine elements and flip the assets? (Last resort really) Thanks in advance!
  11. sHAYM4N

    PIXI.js & Typescript Getting Started

    absolutely brilliant! Thanks for taking the time to type that all up, yep modules is the main thing I'm missing at the moment! Probably another stupid question here... Compatibility maybe a problem though, the games I'm currently putting together for a client do need to run on devices (probably up to 4 years old), and Ive already come across a couple of problems with using es6 features (const was one if I remember) so if modules are only going to run on es6 capable browsers, do any of these tools offer an option to rebundle/recompile into a single js file if that was the only solution? I'm using VSCode alongside a localhost works perfectly for checking on mobile + desktop, but not sure how to set that up with modules, I tried a couple of tests from es6 code I found but it came back with errors on import So would something like browserify also enable to extend classes I presume? One of the first things I want to try it out with is a basic UI Kit, so intially starting with layout grids, tables, controls etc. So a type checker - on a simple level guessing that's more of a way to cast types to variables? Something I do again miss, but not vital atm
  12. Hey all, just wondering if anyone could spare their knowledge on getting started with PIXI.js with Typescript I've made a couple of simple games now using PIXI.js and love it! Though really find javascript a pain to use as the games get bigger with all code being in 1 js file. What I want to start doing is making a library around PIXI.js for common things I will need (e.g. controls, grid layouts, etc) and build it up from there. Something so simple with UnityC# and even FlashAS3 that I always took for granted! I understand Typescript maybe the best way to do this, though am a little confused about the difference between all the options (Browserify, Babel, ES6, Typescript etc) what they all actually do what if any of those I will need, and what is the best way forward! Many thanks for any advice!
  13. sHAYM4N

    Spine 3.6

    In case anyone missed it, Spine got a significant update yesterday, with better weight and mesh tools + clipping/ finally! Clipping not ideal for everything (using a vertices system) so complex masks may still need to be done manually. Still nice for quick and simple masks! Just tested in PIXI and clipping not working as I imagined, but hopefully could be added to pixi-spine soon?
  14. sHAYM4N

    Spine and cacheAsBitmap

    Think I may have got one step closer with this by accident. I was running a bit of debug, so added an standard browser alert before the spine icons were due to play out. Confirming the alert then goes back to the code. With this alert active the caching seems to work, and the animations do not play. Could it be a time delay that is needed for the caching - could the spine animation playing out too quick and stopping this from happening?
  15. sHAYM4N

    Spine and cacheAsBitmap

    Hi Ivan Have tried it again with the cactusContainer in my scene with the cactus spine object as a child. Thought it would be a more simple test than the icons, with them not being through a prototype. I don't think there is anything else that would be interfering with the cache, but it still appears not to be working, Could it possibly be the animation? Do they need to be stopped before cacheing? If the cacheAsBitmap=true was successful wouldn't that instantly cause the spine animation to stop playing? I have dropped a link your way with the current build and problem. Any clues greatly appreciated!