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  1. sHAYM4N

    BitmapText Pivot & Kerning

    hmmm kinda still stuck on this one if anyone has any ideas? Just tried extending the bitmaptext class to see if I could alter the position values of the characters, but it has no effect - the x,y values seem to be ignored. I can kind of understand whats going on, each characters x value will be based upon the previous characters width value I assume, so would need to offset the x once the new pivot was applied. tried .x setTransform, and position.set, but none seem to work when I target a character via children.
  2. sHAYM4N

    BitmapText Pivot & Kerning

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew of an easy solution to this... I have a text display using bitmap font I was looking at animating per character, I can get a target to animate via gsap for each character fine through the characters array.. However if I want to set the pivot for each character to the center (for a scale/rotation tween), it will through the kerning off. Any ideas greatly appreciated. for(let i = 0; i < this.bitmapText.children.length; i++){ let target = this.bitmapText.children[i]; target.pivot.set(target.width/2, target.height/2);, 0.3, {pixi:{scale:1.2}, repeat:-1, delay:i*0.15, yoyo:true, ease:Sine.easeInOut}); }
  3. sHAYM4N

    Spine (Keyframed) V Animated Sprite Performance

    reference to the last slot that was completed, this was an es5 prototype with all the spines in tact, it has since been converted to es6 in a framework, and optimised without the majority of the spines. The new one is pretty much the same format, just with a reel system that uses less spines
  4. sHAYM4N

    Spine (Keyframed) V Animated Sprite Performance

    Yes, I believe this was tried with the last slot, but was difficult to make the transition seamless, so most of the spines were just replaced, but will try it again. Definately, the issue is we're trying to keep the initial load down as much as possible, the audio for instance is even being loaded on a seperate loader, and only begins when its ready. Still need to make it accessible for people on 3g connections or less. Icons are 90px squared, but have 60 frames x 12, and may need to add further animations, so really wanted to try and stick with the spines themselves first. One thing I had wondered was if the rendering the sequences in game would be doable or worthwhile to this, so e.g. after the intial load, create the spine icons, have the ticker generate an array of textures for each icon to play out. Once generated remove the spine and we could mask any delay behind a welcome message or something along those lines? Not sure how it would affect drawcalls though having an array of generated textures v a pregenerated sprite sheet?
  5. sHAYM4N

    iOS Performance (any tips or tricks?)

    good point, thanks at the moment the only seperate images are the background (which is pretty big at 2560*1800 its set to this size for a bonus mode where we zoom out, so will still be native at 720p if that makes sense). There is one spine also used in the background for a controlbox, has no mesh and is duplicated - it just has lights that turn on and off. I have an atlas for a gun turret, one for the reels themselves (which were planned to be animated) a singular png sprite for a background effect (which would be put into an atlas) but the main collection of images would be the spine icons which themselves all have an atlas, but we currently have 10 of them, with 2 more planned. Presume they cant be combined into a singular atlas in anyway unless it was one singular spine for all the icons with different skeletons? Oh and a singular bubble png sprite that is used in a particle container on each reel. I did try removing everything but the slot but performance gain was only around 10 frames I am told 15fps to 25fps
  6. sHAYM4N

    iOS Performance (any tips or tricks?)

    <meta name="mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, user-scalable=no"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, user-scalable=no, minimal-ui">
  7. sHAYM4N

    iOS Performance (any tips or tricks?)

    sorry - with this do you mean having multiple sprites will cause the draw calls, in our previous slot rather than having the actual slot container on the stage we rendered the whole thing to a single sprite via rendertexture - would this still be a better option do you think?
  8. sHAYM4N

    iOS Performance (any tips or tricks?)

    Already have unfortunately... this.viewport = { orientation: window.innerWidth < window.innerHeight ? 'vertical' : 'horizontal', width: 720, height: 1280 }; this.renderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(this.viewport.width, this.viewport.height, { backgroundColor:0x0F0805, transparent: false, antialias: false }); 720p with an orientation switch that activates only when the browser reaches 1:1 dimensions. Basically just repositions elements of the hud and some other parameters.
  9. Hi all, on with another slot game at the moment, the last one we did had issues performance wise with iOS and looks like this one is going to be the same. Android & desktop were fine, hitting between 30fps - 60fps depending on the hardware. iOS though CPU load was massive, we were using spines for the icons (the slot was a 6x5 grid) and in the end had to drop the majority of them to simple sprites. We had tried rendering to texture off canvas, and whilst it had performance gains on android and desktop, minimal on iOS. There were quite a lot of spines being used in the previous game as the repeating reel strips were in bunches of 5's so dropped that system this time around, and have something a lot more similar to the pixi slot demo, with just one extra icon per reel masked out on a loop. Still spines but only one instance of each icon being rendered on the app ticker to a sprite textures. Again performance on desktop and android more than acceptable even with some more filters applied (50-60fps on a Galaxy S7) and 60fps solid on a Note8. iPhone 6 15fps. Tried many things yesterday, removing all filters & masks, stopping the spine animations, rendering only a single frame (not on the ticker) and could only still get it to 25fps. Really seems to be an issue with iOS and wondered if there were any tips (renderer settings?) to make it more on par with android/desktop. The game wouldn't even load on my ipad3 either, no way to see why (with no access to a mac at present) though that thing is so damn slow, even the pixi slot demo runs at around 20fps max. Any advice greatly appreciated!
  10. sHAYM4N

    Resizing Game Problem

    Can't say this is the 100% correct way to do it, but have run it this way for the last couple of projects... document.body.appendChild(this.view); window.addEventListener('resize', this.resize.bind(this)); this.resize(); resize() { let current = { width: this.renderer.width, height: this.renderer.height }; let ratio = current.width / current.height; if (window.innerWidth / window.innerHeight >= ratio) { var width = window.innerHeight * ratio; var height = window.innerHeight; } else { var width = window.innerWidth; var height = window.innerWidth / ratio; } = `${ width }px`; = `${ height }px`; }
  11. sHAYM4N

    Spine (Keyframed) V Animated Sprite Performance

    brilliant many thanks all. Yeah @b10b definately something I had tried before. Being a streamed game, atlas size is pretty important, so I think what I may try is splitting them down, e.g keyframing only certain parts of the icon where it can be done. One solution I'm also working on at the moment is using RenderTexture to stream spines to a single texture, which seems to work nicely. Only caveat with that is if I want to play different animations, all instances will be linked to that one rendered texture, so may have to have a think on that a bit more. If I use too many instances of a spine icon, it will negate any gains made, so a bit of a balancing act
  12. Hi all, I'm working on a new slot game for mobile, some of the win icons may likely be spine animations, but some may work better as keyframed. Having them all as spines would be simpler, but if the payoff is worth it, would look at customising each symbol type. I was just wondering if anyone had done any benchmarking for keyframed animations in spine/pixijs v a traditional pixijs animated sprite? Any advice greatly appreciated!
  13. Hi all, was just wondering if there was anyway of changing the anchor of the BitmapText child sprites (character sprites) without messing with the kerning? I've successfully got the characters animating with tweenmax, but for a rotation jiggle etc would be better from the center point! Any tips greatly appreciated
  14. sHAYM4N

    RenderTexture to PIXI.mesh.Rope

    Hi all, been trying to see if I could get a rope going with an animated RenderTexture, but had no luck so far with the texture not showing. The RenderTextures work fine with sprites. I've also tried casting to a PIXI.Texture first eg. var ropeTexture = new PIXI.Texture(renderTexture); and then passing that texture to the rope creation, but neither seem to work. Any help greatly appreciated!
  15. Hi all, been reworking a slot prototype to use offscreen rendering using RenderTexture, so far so good and performance seems a massive improvement, but having problems with Chrome on OSX with constant flickering on the stage. Windows and android both seem fine. Im using the app.renderer to render the textures, (not sure if a second renderer is required here?) Struggled to find much in the way of information on the best way to set a system up for this. Also noticed that the containers that are being rendered appear in the chrome pixi inspector extension as soon as they are rendered (but outside the stage) and remain there but not visible, is this the normal behavior? It almost seems that these are the cause of the flickering on OSX as it seems to be in blocks that match that pattern Any advice greatly appreciated!