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  1. @Slicks Could you post an example for me? Thank you
  2. @enpu So just copy and paste this in my html5 file? I want to play sounds/music as soon as my game loads. https://gamenplay.netlify.com/
  3. My games are made in clickteam fusion. I can edit the html5 and js file. Can you show me the touch event that I can add to one of those files? Thanks
  4. Google Chrome had an update and now html5 games have no sound. https://developers.google.com/web/up...policy-changes https://www.theverge.com/platform/am...nd-videos-mute https://www.dailydot.com/debug/chrom...y-block-games/ How can I fix this in html5 code?
  5. Is there a way to do this in html5 code?
  6. Hi, I've made education games before, so I can convert your games, make new ones in line with what you like and license my existing ones. I sent you a pm and a email. Brandon Retrobolt@hotmail.com
  7. Dozens of websites will take your games for free and you'll make your money through ads. So how much have you all made using this method? Is it Sustainable?
  8. Is your job to make an iOS emulator or do you need it to make your html5 game?
  9. Also is the depth I'm missing in the story or gameplay?
  10. How about these games, I put extra work into the art and paid some people. https://earthvoyager.netlify.com/ https://rocketgunwar.netlify.com/ https://finalflight.netlify.com/ Thanks for the constructive criticism.
  11. Yes, I went back to 2013, so like page 3. Mainly because when I go further I find the the publisher is gone. But yes, it's a good possibility that I'm the problem. https://www.retroboltgames.com/html5-games
  12. What market should I go to that pays well?
  13. Damn, is there anyone like Spilgames who still license html5 games? Should I try Softgames?
  14. Why would that be? Amazon doesn't have too many products to sell.
  15. Spilgames.com doesn't have a submit games page, clicking the developer page takes you to their api documentation. So how are games submissions done? Do I just contact them at info? Html5 Games- Retroboltgames.com/html5-games
  16. Hi, I’m a game developer looking for non-exclusive and exclusive sponsorships for my 3 newest html5 games and non-exclusive sponsorships for my past 4 html5 games making 7 total. If you want to license more than one game, a better deal can be made. They work on all devices (mobile included) and span across many genres. Wherever you see my RetroBolt Logo, it will be replaced with your websites logo or banner or removed entirely. One license can be used for all your websites. Play Here- Retroboltgames.com/html5-games These are games that I personally believe are a fun and enjoyable. If needed, changes can be made any of the games you choose. If you're interested, PM me or email me at Retrobolt@hotmail.com I can also use some advice on what I could improve. Thank you
  17. Ok, so instead of "window.addEventListener", `window.parent` might work. But to truly solve the problem, the publisher would need that script in their website's html file.
  18. Hi, I'm licensing a game, but the publisher tells me that when they press the up or down keys the page scrolls. Here's a link to the game on my website, press the arrow keys and see if it scrolls happens, also if it does, click inside the game window and see if it stops. I've been told to put this code in the bottom of my index.html file, but it doesn't seem to work. <script> window.addEventListener("keydown", function(e) { // space and arrow keys if([32, 37, 38, 39, 40].indexOf(e.keyCode) > -1) { e.preventDefault(); } }, false); </script> http://www.retroboltgames.com/copy-of-ihe-mars-attack Thanks!
  19. Hi, I've made four original Html5 games, all of which work on all platforms. Web, Mobile, so on. They are all currently available for non-exclusive sponsorships and exclusive licenses. They all can be played here- http://www.retroboltgames.com/html5-games If you are interested in any of them, please let me know at the e-mail below. E-mail- Retrobolt@hotmail.com Thank you