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  1. Wonderful, nice work will try soon
  2. @gryff thank you for checking out! I was able to get better result with hemispheric light. I've also tried with directional light in BJS, but got the same result as with "Sun" light in Blender (I guess the exporter converts "Sun" light into directional light anyway). So for now I've sticked with hemi light, however I still get a little bit darker areas in the lower parts of the terrain (which does not happen in your example image). Why would hemi and directional light produce such a different result? I've attached the Blender file and both textures in the attachment below if you find the time to check it out. Thanks! map_w_bridge.blend
  3. Hello I've modeled a simple terrain in Blender: - ground is a mesh which has been "lowered" in certain areas with Proportional editing tool - water is a simple plane I also have a "sun" light placed in the scene in Blender. I've checked "check collisions" and "freeze world matrix" in the Babylon properties for both ground and water. Now in Blender, all is good. But when I load the scene in BJS, I get the result attached in image (lowered ground areas get no lightning apparently). Can anybody point me towards the problem? Don't know whether its connected to lightning in BJS or is it Blender related. Thanks.